LGBTQ+ Online Community HeeSay Makes Debut, Heralding New Chapter for Diversified Socialization

New York, Jan. 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HeeSay, the newly launched social app, has won the favor of LGBTQ+ users globally due to its multiple features, quality content, and lively vibes. Focused on creating a diversified and open-minded online community, HeeSay offers an array of social scenes like posting, livestreams and video chat, in addition to the typical dating feature, enabling LGBTQ+ users worldwide to connect, express and acquire a sense of belonging that they might not find through purely matchmaking.

Unlike other LGBTQ+ dating apps, HeeSay primarily eyes users' demand for expression and connection in social media activities. "You can share your stories in whatever ways you like on HeeSay, either by posting or via live streams and voice chat, which can allow you to create a more immersive connection with like-minded friends worldwide." said the spokesperson from HeeSay.

According to him, this online community was launched based on research on the social habits of LGBTQ+ people. "This user group shows more social demands beyond dating. We found that they also needed to be gathered in a platform where they can express, entertain, and share to acquire a sense of belonging, and that's why HeeSay comes out." He added.

It's noteworthy that HeeSay has grabbed the attention of more and more LGBTQ+ users from North America, Europe, and Asia because of its quality services, creative features, and product operating model. "We're trying to carve out a personalized social space where LGBTQ+ people can express love to 'him' and laugh with 'him' more bravely and freely, like what our slogan 'Live, Love and Laugh Together' says." the spokesperson emphasized.


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