Equasens: Acquisition of a majority stake in DIGIPHARMACIE

Villers-lès-Nancy, 2 January 2024 - 6:00 p.m. (CET)


Acquisition of a majority stake in DIGIPHARMACIE,
An expert in digital and invoice management solutions for pharmacies

  • With this acquisition, Equasens Group:
    • Strengthens its offering of solutions for healthcare professionals and consolidates its position as a leading European provider of digital healthcare solutions.
    • Addresses the growing demand for digital invoicing solutions following the introduction of new obligations in France.
    • Gives pharmacists more time to devote to their patients in a context characterised by increasing difficulties in recruitment in France and Europe.

Equasens Group, a leading healthcare software publisher (Euronext Paris™ - Compartment A - ISIN: FR 0012882389 - Ticker EQS) today announces its acquisition of a 70% majority stake in the start-up DIGIPHARMACIE.

An innovative and profitable young company

Based in the Paris region and created in 2019, DIGIPHARMACIE is a pure player in digital invoicing solutions for pharmacies. As a provider of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for pharmacies, the DNA of this French start-up, led by Yonathan BLAJMAN, David CHALOM and Jonathan FITOUSSI, includes a significant technological component by enabling pharmacies to automatically collect, centralise and store supplier invoices and using artificial intelligence to digitise and structure data flows to the applications used by their external accountants. DIGIPHARMACIE's ready-to-deploy offering also addresses the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. As such, it already complies with the obligation requiring all invoices to be sent and received electronically by 1 September 2026.

With an installed base of already nearly 70% of French pharmacies (13,000 pharmacy customers), nearly 300 accounting firms, including major national groups, and an agreement with nearly 80% of pharmacy groups, DIGIPHARMACIE processes more than 1 million invoices each month on its platform.

Reflecting its achievements, in 2023 DIGIPHARMACIE was a recipient of the Prix de l'Innovation PharmagoraPlus (PharmagoraPlus Innovation Award).

"This acquisition of a majority stake in Digipharmacie provides yet another confirmation of the Equasens Group's commitment to supporting innovative start-ups,” commented Denis SUPPLISSON, Chief Executive Officer of Equasens. "DIGIPHARMACIE has been profitable since its creation in 2019 and has very quickly become the leader in its market. As a result of this acquisition, we are now able to offer pharmacists and their chartered accountants a complete and disruptive solution to meet their needs in the area of electronic invoicing."

"We are delighted to become a member of the Equasens Group, which will provide us with invaluable expertise and support our continued growth and development” stated Yonathan BLAJMAN, pharmacist and co-founder of DIGIPHARMACIE, adding that "As a result of this alliance, we are now able to offer our customers a more comprehensive and innovative range of services, and address the growing need for more of effective and efficient digital solutions in the healthcare ecosystem."

Electronic invoicing: an indispensable new development for healthcare professionals in France.

Equasens' acquisition of a majority stake in DIGIPHARMACIE represents an important turning point in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector. On this basis, the two companies are now able to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the new requirement for all invoices to be received in electronic form by 1 September 2026.

  • Time savings and improved back office efficiency: the DIGIPHARMACIE solution simplifies and automates invoice management processes, as well handling electronic bills of exchange. By generating time-savings of approximately 10 hours per month (DIGIPHARMACIE data), healthcare professionals are able to focus their attention on be more strategic, added-value for the benefit of patients.
  • Reduce costs and improve carbon footprint: e-invoicing reduces printing, eliminates paper archiving and simplifies invoice processing.
  • Improved security: digitising invoices through DIGIPHARMACIE means that data is stored securely on highly secure online servers.
  • Improved data quality and traceability: the DIGIPHARMACIE solution makes it possible to monitor the status of invoices in real time and guarantee the quality of the data, facilitating their processing by the management software system used by healthcare professionals and their accountants.
  • A simplified user experience with a mobile app that allows pharmacists to :
    • integrate invoices through the photo function,
    • integrate expense reports,
    • offering a vault for storing important and/or sensitive documents.

Through this collaboration, the two companies will be able to extend the range of functions available to pharmacists to further simplify and secure their administrative workload. It will also make it possible to extend this approach to other healthcare professionals.

About Group Equasens

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And reflecting the spirit of its tagline "more technology for more humanity", the Group is a leading provider of interoperability solutions that improve coordination between healthcare professionals, their communications and data exchange resulting in better patient care and a more efficient healthcare system.

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