Gauzy to Showcase and Discuss a Broad Array of Applications and Solutions Using Research Frontiers’ SPD-SmartGlass at the January 9-12, 2024 CES Show in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Jan. 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Research Frontiers Inc. (Nasdaq: REFR), the inventor and licensor of patented SPD-SmartGlass light-control technology, and Gauzy Ltd., a global leader in vision and light control solutions, are returning to CES for the seventh consecutive year. They will showcase the latest SPD-SmartGlass solutions at CES 2024, which will be held from January 9-12 in Las Vegas. Gauzy, a strategic investor and licensee of Research Frontiers, will debut new products and hold seminars at Booth 6611, within the prestigious automotive West Hall, demonstrating the unparalleled benefits of solutions enabled by SPD-SmartGlass technology.

Gauzy’s products, using Research Frontiers’ patented SPD-SmartGlass technology as a core component of elegant environmental-control systems, are currently used in a broad array of industries, and these will be reflected in the myriad of products at Gauzy’s CES booth, which will be highlighted in white papers and discussed in informal seminars at the CES show. Some of these products will be debuting at the CES for the first time ever. The industries using these innovative products include:

Aviation: SPD technology allows aircraft passengers to have personalized control over lighting and shading within their seating areas. With the touch of a button, they can instantly adjust window tint, manage natural light, and reduce glare. Gauzy’s solutions are designed to even adapt window tint automatically based on external lighting conditions. This customized approach means that passengers can create their preferred ambiance for rest, entertainment or work, optimizing their comfort and well-being throughout their flight. These solutions are designed to achieve the industry’s goal to dramatically improve the passenger experience for all on board. Gauzy has secured 20 contracts with OEMs, airlines, or Tier-1 aviation suppliers, covering a range of aircraft from small to midsize business aircraft like the HondaJet HA-420 and Daher TBM 960, to larger business aircraft including two Airbus ACJ models, various helicopters such as the Airbus Helicopters ACH175, and commercial aircraft, including a Boeing model.

Automotive: Gauzy's LCG® (Light Control Glass) automotive windows and sunroofs offer adjustable transparency. Drivers and passengers can instantly change the tint to reduce sunlight and heat while maintaining an open-air feeling inside the vehicle. These products are designed to block UV and infrared rays, keeping the cabin cooler, enhancing passenger comfort, and ensuring security, particularly in vehicles with extensive glass surfaces such as panoramic glass roof systems. These products are also designed to reduce weight, enhance road stability by lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle, reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and eliminate up to 56 components currently used in a vehicle. SPD-SmartGlass has been estimated to increase the driving range of electric vehicles by up to 5.5%. SPD-SmartGlass has been in serial production in the automotive industry for over a decade, and used in tens of thousands of cars made by Mercedes, McLaren, Cadillac and others.

Other Transportation Vehicles: Gauzy's SPD-SmartGlass solutions extend to other various transportation sectors, including marine, rail, recreation vehicles, and specialty vehicles – delivering comfort, security, and safety – improving the passenger experience. In the marine industry, Gauzy has 9 contracts for sailing yachts, motor yachts, and cruise ships. Gauzy has 3 railway contracts (including multiple reorders for additional trains for the same manufacturer. Gauzy’s SPD-SmartGlass solutions are found in many specialty vehicle markets, with 10 contracts. Gauzy also has 3 contracts for recreation vehicles.

Architectural Applications: SPD-SmartGlass has been used in commercial and residential settings to eliminate shades, blinds and curtains, shown to block up to 99% of visible light, reduce or control unwanted heat, light and glare, and provide enhanced security in homes, office and retail environments.

Applications that span many industries: SPD-Smart technology has been used to make information displays more vibrant, offering the ability to turn a window into a high-definition television or information display on a car, bus, train, aircraft or in a home or office environment. It has also been used in such other applications as heads-up displays (HUDs) and adaptive headlights and other uses.

About Gauzy Ltd.

Gauzy Ltd. is a fully-integrated light and vision control company, focused on the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of vision and light control technologies that are developed to support safe, sustainable, comfortable, and agile user experiences across various industries. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company has additional subsidiaries and entities based in Germany, France, the United States, Canada, China, Singapore, and Dubai. Gauzy serves leading brands in over 30 countries through direct fulfillment and a certified and trained distribution channel. For more news and information about Gauzy, please visit and our social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

About Research Frontiers Inc. 

Research Frontiers (Nasdaq: REFR) is a publicly traded technology company and the developer of patented SPD-Smart light-control film technology which allows users to instantly, precisely and uniformly control the shading of glass or plastic products, either manually or automatically. Research Frontiers has licensed its smart glass technology to over 40 companies that include well known chemical, material science and glass companies. Products using Research Frontiers’ smart glass technology are being used in tens of thousands of cars, aircraft, yachts, trains, homes, offices, museums and other buildings. For more information, please visit our website at, and on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Note: From time to time Research Frontiers may issue forward-looking statements which involve risks and uncertainties. This press release contains forward-looking statements. Actual results, especially those reliant on activities by third parties, could differ and are not guaranteed. Any forward-looking statements should be considered accordingly. “SPD-SmartGlass” is a trademark of Research Frontiers Inc. “LCG®” (Light Control Glass) is a trademark of Gauzy Ltd. “Mercedes”, “McLaren”, and “Cadillac” are each trademarks of their respective manufacturers.

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