Microscoop From Syncell Named “Proteomics Innovation Of The Year” By BioTech Breakthrough

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TAIPEI, Taiwan and LOS ALTOS, Calif., Jan. 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Syncell, a life science tools company pioneering the technology of microscopy-guided proteomics discovery, today announced that its Microscoop has been selected as “Proteomics Innovation of the Year” in the third annual BioTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by BioTech Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organization that evaluates and recognizes standout life sciences and biotechnology companies, products and services around the globe.

Microscoop from Syncell is the first and only device capable of identifying site-specific subcellular proteomes by literally “scooping” up proteins within their region of interest.

Using fixed cells or tissue, Microscoop first takes microscopic images which are then analyzed with an AI algorithm to determine whatever precise locations of interest are desired. Next, photolabeling occurs, whereby 2-photon illumination is used on the targeted locations, triggering a photochemical reaction and biotinylating proteins within that region. The researcher can then scrape and lyse the cells or the tissue sample with only the tagged proteins from the targeted location having been captured and purified. These proteins are then identified by mass spectrometry to single out and quantify high and low abundance proteins.

As an example of its capabilities, Microscoop has recently been used to explore the stress granule (SG) proteome demonstrating its capability to achieve subcellular in situ novel protein and biomarker discovery.

After using Microscoop, Syncell has discovered that only 74% of the top 50 abundant proteins were characterized as core interactors in the SG interaction network. After immunostaining, however, 11 of the 13 proteins, that were never before annotated as SG proteins, were confirmed to show SG pattern and co-localized with G3BP1 (a common SG marker) in stressed cells, but not in normal cells. This brings the top 50 SG specificity up to 96%.

“Microscoop has already helped researchers identify novel proteins associated with specific subcellular compartments and structures. We proudly accept the ‘Proteomics Innovation of the Year’ award from BioTech Breakthrough,” said Jung-Chi Liao, Founder and CEO of Syncell. “We will continue to support our customers in their quest to identify proteins in the regions they are interested in under the microscope, and we hope to aid researchers in proteomic discoveries as the urgency to discover biomarkers for numerous life science problems arises.”

The mission of the annual BioTech Breakthrough Awards program is to conduct the industry’s most comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the top companies, solutions and products in the life sciences and biotechnology industry today. This year’s program attracted more than 1,500 nominations from over 12 different countries throughout the world.

“There are many ways to extract proteins but they aren’t specific regarding subcellular locations. Additionally, though mass spectrometry imaging is great in isolation, sensitivity and resolution pose an issue. Syncell’s Microscoop enables the high specificity and high precision of proteome discovery without labor-intensive procedures,” said Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of BioTech Breakthrough Awards. “Microscoop may seem similar to other spatial proteomic mapping technologies, but the difference lies in its ability to discover, which helps researchers identify novel protein biomarkers for numerous life science problems, and paves the way for new druggable targets to treat a variety of diseases.”

About Syncell
Syncell is a commercial stage life science technology company, with a mission to revolutionize spatial biology research for global human health. Its first product, Microscoop, is the first and only microscopic bioimaging system that allows researchers to pick up, identify and quantify thousands of known and unknown proteins in specified cellular and subcellular locations. Microscoop will provide deep spatial proteomics insights to transform a wide range of basic biology and translational research including neuroscience, oncology, immunology, or infectious disease to identify novel biomarkers with spatial context to accelerate biomarker discovery research and drug development programs.

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