Aerial Delivery Redefined: Drone Nerds Welcomes DJI FlyCart 30 to its Enterprise Lineup

Meet DJI’s latest aerial delivery drone designed for efficient cargo transportation.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, Jan. 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Drone Nerds, a drone technology leader, has added FlyCart 30, DJI’s latest aerial delivery drone, to its enterprise product lineup. A long-distance heavy lifter with powerful signal and intelligence, FlyCart 30 carries a maximum payload of 30 kg with dual batteries and provides a delivery range of 16 km, at a maximum speed of 20 m/s. Delivery is now simple and efficient, no longer restricted by physical geography.

DJI FlyCart 30 supports two payload configurations — Cargo and Winch modes — to meet varying delivery needs. It ascends beyond traditional logistical limits to deliver a safe, economical, and efficient air transport solution.

The drone withstands extreme situations and handles difficult operations allowing pilots to confidently deliver to harsh environments. Its spacious cargo weighs the payload during the loading process to prevent overloading and ensure flight safety.

Advanced Technology for Seamless Deliveries 

The aircraft’s Winch system is ideal for scenarios where the drone’s intended delivery destination does not have a safe landing site. Once the drone arrives at the destination, operators can select the drop point with AR Projection. A single tap automatically lowers the payload and when the payload touches down, the Winch system releases and retracts for accurate, non-contact delivery.  It intelligently senses the payload and adjusts altitude quickly to counteract swinging. 

Even for long-range tasks, FlyCart 30 is more than capable. The 20 km DJI O3 Transmission, coupled with 4G enhanced transmission, and an FPV gimbal camera, ensure clear and stable live feeds under various operational scenarios. FlyCart 30 also supports Dual Operator mode for one drone. Pilots in two different locations can transfer control of the drone with a single tap, extending the operating range even further.

Round-the-Clock Obstacle Sensing

The aircraft is equipped with Front and Rear Active Phased Array Radars, and a dual Binocular Vision system designed to accurately sense terrain with multidirectional obstacle sensing in various weather conditions, day or night.

Its dual-battery system features multi-layered redundancy, hot-swapping, and quick dual-battery charging in parallel, to enable continuous operations. In extreme scenarios, the integrated parachute will automatically deploy, reducing the risk of personnel injury and property damage.

“Adding DJI FlyCart 30 to our enterprise lineup is a strategic move that aligns with Drone Nerds' commitment to pushing the boundaries of aerial innovation. The FlyCart 30's versatility opens up a realm of possibilities in aerial delivery, impacting industries ranging from offshore transportation to emergency supply delivery”, states Jeremy Schneiderman, CEO of Drone Nerds.


About Drone Nerds: Established in 2014, Drone Nerds focuses on ensuring its customers have the right UAV solution for their unique operational needs. With its proprietary Always Flying™ program, Drone Nerds provides reliability and assurance for enterprise implementations across industry verticals, including public safety, government, agriculture, construction, energy, inspection, and more.

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DJI FlyCart 30: A New Era for Aerial Delivery

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