Global Syndromic Multiplex Panels Market Strategies and Trends Report 2023-2028 - The New Automation, Decentralization and Point of Care

Dublin, Jan. 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Syndromic Multiplex Panels Markets. Strategies and Trends. Forecasts by Syndrome (Respiratory, Sepsis, GI etc.) by Place, by Product and by Country. With Market Analysis and Executive Guides. 2024 to 2028" report has been added to's offering.

Infectious disease Dx is changing and will change more in the future. Can a rapidly growing market expand even faster? Find out all about it in this comprehensive report on Syndromic Multiplex Diagnostics.

Are targeted tests for specific pathogens going to be obsolete? Will diagnostics replace physicians? Will Infectious Disease testing move into the Physician's Office or even the Home?

Learn about this market including the issues and outlooks. The two key trends of Point of Care Testing and Molecular Diagnostics are merging with spectacular success. It could possibly displace most frontline test protocols AND save money at the same time. The report forecasts the market size for five years and even further with a later updated report with next years numbers.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Market Guides
1.1 Situation Analysis
1.2 Guide for Executives and Marketing Staff
1.3 Guide for Investment Analysts and Management Consultants

2 Introduction and Market Definition
2.1 What are Syndromic Multiplex Tests?
2.2 Syndromic Testing - the quiet revolution in diagnostics
2.2.1 Syndromic Testing - more than Panels.
2.3 Market Definition
2.3.1 Multiplex Market Size.
2.3.2 Currency.
2.3.3 Years.
2.4 Methodology
2.4.1 Methodology
2.4.2 Sources
2.4.3 Authors
2.5 Perspective: Healthcare and the IVD Industry
2.5.1 Global Healthcare Spending
2.5.2 Spending on Diagnostics
2.5.3 Important Role of Insurance for Diagnostics

3 Infectious Disease
3.1 Infections - The Big Picture
3.2 The Pathogens
3.2.1 Bacteria
3.2.2 Fungi and Protozoa
3.2.3 Viruses
3.2.4 Prions
3.3 Symptoms and Syndromes
3.3.1 Bacterial or viral
3.3.2 Typical Viral Symptoms
3.3.3 Typical Bacterial Symptoms
3.4 Disease
3.5 Transmission
3.6 Infectious Disease Diagnostics
3.6.1 Microbial culture
3.6.2 Microscopy
3.6.3 Biochemical tests
3.6.4 PCR-based diagnostics
3.6.5 Metagenomic sequencing
3.7 Defining Infections
3.8 Syndromic Infection

4 Industry Overview
4.1 Players in a Dynamic Market
4.1.1 Academic Research Lab
4.1.2 Diagnostic Test Developer
4.1.3 Instrumentation Supplier
4.1.4 Chemical/Reagent Supplier
4.1.5 Pathology Supplier
4.1.6 Independent Clinical Laboratory
4.1.7 Public National/regional Laboratory
4.1.8 Hospital Laboratory
4.1.9 Physicians Office Lab (POLS)
4.1.10 Audit Body
4.1.11 Certification Body
4.2 The Clinical Laboratory Market Segments
4.2.1 Traditional Market Segmentation
4.2.2 Laboratory Focus and Segmentation
4.2.3 Segmenting the Syndromic Testing Market
4.3 Industry Structure
4.3.1 Hospital Testing Share
4.3.2 Economies of Scale Hospital vs. Central Lab
4.3.3 Physician Office Lab's
4.3.4 Physician's and POCT

5 Market Trends
5.1 Factors Driving Growth
5.1.1 Speed of Diagnosis.
5.1.2 Effect of Syndromic Testing on Costs.
5.1.3 Point of Care Advantage.
5.1.4 Accuracy and Diagnostic Risk.
5.1.5 Single Visits.
5.1.6 Improvement in Outcomes.
5.1.7 Impact of the Pandemic.
5.2 Factors Limiting Growth
5.2.1 Lower Prices.
5.2.2 Administration/reimbursement.
5.2.3 Infectious Disease is Declining But..
5.2.4 Wellness Hurts.
5.2.5 Economic Growth improves Living Standards.
5.2.6 Impact of the Pandemic
5.3 Instrumentation, Automation and Diagnostic Trends
5.3.1 Traditional Automation and Centralization
5.3.2 The New Automation, Decentralization and Point of Care
5.3.3 Instruments Key to Market Share
5.3.4 Bioinformatics Plays a Role
5.3.5 PCR Takes Command
5.3.6 Next Generation Sequencing Fuels a Revolution
5.3.7 NGS Impact on Pricing
5.3.8 Whole Genome Sequencing, A Brave New World
5.3.9 Companion Diagnostics Blurs Diagnosis and Treatment
5.3.10 Comparing Syndrome and Targeted Testing
5.3.11 The Multiplex Paradigm Shift
5.3.12 The Sepsis Testing Market - Bellwether for Syndromics
5.3.13 The Single Visit and AntiMicrobial Resistance
5.3.14 Syndromics drives POCT adoption.

6 Syndromic Testing Recent Developments
6.1 Recent Developments - Importance and How to Use This Section
6.1.1 Importance of These Developments
6.1.2 How to Use This Section
6.2 BioMerieux Submits Application for Respiratory, Sore Throat Panel
6.3 Sensible Diagnostics Nabs Award for Respiratory Panel
6.4 Aptitude Medical Systems to Develop At-Home STI Test
6.5 Multiplex Meningitis/Encephalitis Panel Market Expanding
6.6 Burst Dx to Deliver Lab-Accurate ELISA-in-a-Cartridge
6.7 OpGen Seeking Approval for UTI Panel
6.8 Altratech to Enter MDx, POC Space by Supplanting PCR
6.9 BIOFIRE Announces New SPOTFIRE System
6.10 Cambridge Nucleomics to Develop 'Nanobait' Tech
6.11 Takara Bio Developing Multiplex Panels
6.12 Rover Diagnostics Developing Optical Multiplex PCR
6.13 Nanopath Secures Funding to Develop POC Dx
6.14 Genetic Signatures Wins Public Health Wales Contract
6.15 Qiagen Looks to Long-Term Growth
6.16 LexaGene Gets Investment
6.17 Seegene Multiplex COVID-19/Flu/RSV Test Receives Approval
6.18 BforCure to Adapt Rapid PCR Platform for Cancer
6.19 Accelerated Growth for Decentralized Testing
6.20 QuantuMDx Developing Syndromic Panels for European Launch
6.21 Quidel Gains CE Mark for Savanna Analyzer, Respiratory Panel
6.22 QuantumDx Gets CE Mark for Rapid PoC PCR System
6.23 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Seegene Partner for MDx Development
6.24 Baebies to Expand Finder Platform
6.25 With Luminex Acquisition, DiaSorin to Broaden MDx Portfolio
6.26 Binx Health Targeting Clinics, DTC & OTC With STI Tests
6.27 Luminex Lands BARDA Grant to Develop Test for SARS-CoV-2, Flu, RSV
6.28 Molzym, Fraunhofer Developing Rapid Sepsis Diagnostic
6.29 MiRxes Receives Approval for Multiplex SARS-CoV-2, Flu Test
6.30 New Approach Involves Silicon-Based Test for Infectious Disease Screening
6.31 Scanogen's Portable Battery Operated Instrument for 90 Minute Multiplex Test
6.32 Qiagen sees NeuMoDx as Growth Vehicle
6.33 Torus Biosystems Developing Syndromic Test with 30-Minute Turnaround
6.34 Roche, SpeeDx Partner to Expand Access to Antibiotic Resistance Tests
6.35 BioMerieux's BioFire SARS-CoV-2 Respiratory Panel Wins FDA EAU
6.36 Infectious Disease Testing Firm Curative Acquires KorvaLabs
6.37 ChromaCode Raises Additional $10M
6.38 COVID-19 Patients Need Syndromic Testing
6.39 GenMark Diagnostics - New Respiratory Panel due in June
6.40 Qiagen Respiratory Panel with Coronavirus Targets Receives CE Mark
6.41 Exact Diagnostics launches respiratory panel control
6.42 bioMerieux submits enhanced BIOFIRE BCID2 Panel to FDA

7 Profiles of Key Syndromic Testing Companies
7.1 Abacus Diagnostica
7.2 Abbott Laboratories
7.3 Accelerate Diagnostics
7.4 Ador Diagnostics
7.5 ADT Biotech
7.6 Akonni Biosystems
7.7 Alveo Technologies
7.8 Antelope Dx
7.9 Applied BioCode
7.10 Aureum Diagnostics
7.11 Aus Diagnostics
7.12 Baebies
7.13 Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
7.14 Becton, Dickinson and Company
7.15 Binx Health
7.16 Biocartis
7.17 BioFire Diagnostics (bioMerieux)
7.18 bioMerieux Diagnostics
7.19 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc
7.20 Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH
7.21 Cepheid (Danaher)
7.22 Credo Diagnostics Biomedical
7.23 Cue Health
7.24 Curetis N.V./Curetis GmbH
7.25 Detect
7.26 Diagenode Diagnostics
7.27 Diasorin S.p.A.
7.28 Domus Diagnostics
7.29 Enzo Biochem
7.30 Eurofins Scientific
7.31 Fluxergy
7.32 Fusion Genomics.
7.33 Genetic Signatures
7.34 GenMark Dx (Roche)
7.35 Grip Molecular Technologies
7.36 Hibergene Diagnostics
7.37 Hologic
7.38 Immunexpress
7.39 Inflammatix
7.40 Invetech
7.41 Janssen Diagnostics
7.42 Karius
7.43 Lexagene
7.44 LightDeck Diagnostics
7.45 Lucira Health
7.46 Luminex Corp (DiaSorin)
7.47 Maxim Biomedical
7.48 Meridian Bioscience
7.49 Mesa Biotech (Thermo Fisher)
7.50 MicroGem
7.51 Millipore Sigma
7.52 Minute Molecular
7.53 Mobidiag (Hologic)
7.54 Molbio Diagnostics
7.55 Nanomix
7.56 Novel Microdevices
7.57 OnsiteGene
7.58 Operon
7.59 Oxford Nanopore Technologies
7.60 Panagene
7.61 Perkin Elmer
7.62 Primerdesign (Novacyt)
7.63 Prominex
7.64 Proof Diagnostics
7.65 Qiagen
7.66 QuantuMDx
7.67 QuidelOrtho
7.68 Roche Molecular Diagnostics
7.69 Saw Diagnostics
7.70 Scope Fluidics
7.71 Seegene
7.72 Siemens Healthineers
7.73 Sona Nanotech
7.74 SpeeDx
7.75 T2 Biosystems
7.76 Talis Biomedical
7.77 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
7.78 Vela Diagnostics
7.79 Veramarx
7.80 Visby Medical
7.81 XCR Diagnostics

8 The Global Market for Syndromic Multiplex Diagnostics
8.1 Global Market Overview by Country
8.2 Global Market by Syndrome - Overview
8.3 Global Market by Place - Overview
8.4 Global Market by Product - Overview

9 Global Syndromic Multiplex Markets - By Syndrome
9.1 Respiratory
9.2 Gastrointestinal
9.3 Blood
9.4 Meningitis/Encephalitis
9.5 Sexually Transmitted Disease
9.6 Other Syndrome

10 Global MDx Infectious Disease Markets - by Place
10.1 Hospital Lab
10.2 Outpatient Lab
10.3 Point of Care
10.4 Other Place

11 Global MDx Infectious Disease Markets - by Product
11.1 Instruments
11.2 Cartridges
11.3 Reagents
11.4 Other Product

12 Appendices
12.1 United States Medicare System: Clinical Laboratory Fees Schedule
12.2 The Most Used IVD Assays
12.3 The Highest Grossing Assays

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