Ergodyne Answers Growing Demand of Cold Storage Sector with New Thermal Gear

St. Paul, MN, Jan. 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Answering the demand of a rapidly growing cold storage sector, Ergodyne announced the launch of four new thermal solutions—designed with and purpose-built for work crews in refrigerated facilities.

A steady increase in cold storage warehouse construction—and the workforce to support those facilities—is due in large part to a surge in demand for frozen food, but also pharmaceuticals and delicate chemicals which depend on refrigerated infrastructure to extend shelf life.

"There's a real, growing need to better support the safety and well-being of this critical group of workers," said Claudia Weber, Product Manager, Ergodyne. "Our goal was to create thermal gear that not only provides exceptional warmth and safety but also offers clarity in the often confusing and inexact world of thermal ratings. We've worked closely with cold storage professionals to ensure our product meets the real-world demands of those who face extreme cold on a daily basis—and that includes educating them on all the variables that inform thermal performance."

Expert-Driven Design

"This gear is the culmination of insights from those who know cold storage environments best—the workers themselves," emphasized Weber.

N-Ferno 6475 Insulated Freezer Coveralls, 6476 Insulated Freezer Jacket and 6477 Insulated Freezer Bib Overalls are rated to -50°F (-46°C) for up to five hours of moderate activity and include:

  • Durable 100% ripstop polyester shell with water-resistant coating
  • 200g 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation traps heat for warmth in extreme cold (30% thinner than poly fill)
  • Exterior sizing labels for easy viewing when hung up and stored
  • Oversized pockets for easy access with gloves
  • Convenience details like D-rings, mic tabs and pen holders to keep the essentials close by

ProFlex 850 Insulated Freezer Gloves are rated to -20°F (-29°C) for up to one hour of moderate activity and include:

  • Worker-tested and approved balance of warmth and dexterity—a true challenge for cold storage gloves
  • Touchscreen-friendly design for functionality with handheld scanners or smartphones
  • Sure-handed silicone grip on fingers and palms
  • Compliance to EN388: 3X22 B and EN511: 23x glove standards

Transparent Thermal Ratings

"Truth is, temperature ratings offer important guidance, but there are a lot of variables that can inform thermal performance," continued Weber. “People need a way to navigate their options but we’re very mindful of that very important asterisk attached to temperature ratings—results will definitely vary from person to person, worksite to worksite. We’ve made it our mission to pull the curtain back a bit on the science so workers understand what they need and can expect from their thermal gear.”

Catering to Diverse Safety Needs

“Sub-zero temperatures present only one of the many potential hazards work crews in warehousing and distribution centers have to navigate,” said Weber. “OSHA’s recent National Emphasis Program on Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations offers only further endorsement of our comprehensive safety efforts for these critical links in the supply chain—covering everything from ergonomics to slips and falls, hand protection, housekeeping and more.”

Ergodyne’s new Cold Storage Collection and supporting resources can be found at


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New ProFlex & N-Ferno Cold Storage Gear At Work

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