National Alliance of Trade Merchants (NATM) Announces Annual 2024 Vendor Conference Date Change

Shift to July 23-26 from September Dates Benefits Strategic Planning for Holiday Sales

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Jan. 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- National Alliance of Trade Merchants (NATM), a buying group representing the largest independent appliance, consumer electronics, IT and bedding powerhouses serving the largest metro areas in the country since 1970, today announced that its annual vendor conference for 2024 will move from September to July. The date change brings new opportunities for NATM members and partners to collaborate on plans for Black Friday and the holiday season. Historically held in Dallas, Texas in late September, NATM’s Vendor Conference brings together top tier consumer durables retailers, C-suite principles in the industry, key vendors, buyers and OEM partners to network with one another, driving independent retail sales and shaping the future of the industry.

John Riddle, head of NATM, explains that the date shift is designed to help the buying co-op better serve its 11 members. “Moving the Vendor Conference from September to July 23-26 allows NATM members and vendors more time to prepare for the 2024 holiday sales season,” said Riddle. “Holding discussions early, allows members to better anticipate their fourth quarter inventory needs and determine how best to plan for on-hand and e-commerce volume so that customers will not be met with out-of-stock situations during prime shopping weeks and months.”

For 2024, NATM plans to use its collaborative powers to increase sell-through and buy-in programs with members in the areas of appliances, consumer electronics, bedding and IT. Furthering its 2023 Vendor Conference theme of “Together Towards Tomorrow,” NATM is introducing new data-driven strategies for members. The buying group recently launched a data analytics dashboard that helps members and vendors better execute their go-to-market strategies.

The conference date is one of the organizations planned changes, bringing members and vendors together earlier in the calendar year for strategic planning. The 2024 NATM Vendor Conference will be held July 23-26, 2024, at the Omni Frisco Hotel at the Star, Frisco, Texas.

About NATM Buying Corporation
Established in 1970, National Alliance Trade Merchants (NATM) is a preeminent national buying co-op that encompasses 12 regional retailers within the appliance and electronics sector. The organization orchestrates member buying and merchandising strategies while fostering an arena for the interchange of ideas. By harmonizing these strategies, NATM not only optimizes value and profitability for its members but also delves into uncharted market prospects. NATM holds an annual Vendor Conference in Frisco, Texas each year. The 2024 conference will take place July 24-26.

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