DJI Launches New Modeling Software—DJI Modify

Fort Lauderdale, FL, Jan. 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DJI has just launched its first intelligent 3D model editing software, DJI Modify. As DJI’s latest software release, it aims to be a product that is streamlined, intuitive, and efficient. Compatible with any DJI Enterprise drones and DJI Terra, it is an essential and comprehensive tool for modeling, aerial surveying, and editing needs. DJI Modify easily meets the operational needs of various sectors, including transportation, surveying and mapping, as well as public safety and emergency response.

This software offers a seamless workflow, streamlined interaction, and easily removes floating parts without the need to render a high-quality model. One of the most useful features of DJI Modify is the Water Surface Repair functionality. This enables users to draw the water surface region and adjust the range and height as needed, as well as apply texture or intelligent color fills to quickly enhance the model.

Additionally, DJI Modify offers Texture Repair, a tool that allows users to automatically or manually swap out or edit high-quality texture surfaces with one simple click. With Hole Fill, DJI Modify intelligently identifies missing parts of the model, outlining and contouring the missing areas, like missing road signs. With the Flattening function, users can quickly mesh and flatten a region or group selection without introducing complex parameters. This is especially useful when modeling roads and other urban areas. For example, the Flattening function makes it easy to identify cars and remove them in just a few clicks, allowing for clean, clear road models.

“At Drone Nerds, we’re excited to see the latest software release by DJI—this will enable businesses and organizations to optimize their UAV program workflows. Accurate modeling is the crucial next step after capturing aerial data…with DJI Modify, a lot of the manual editing process will become easier, enabling more efficient operations,” states Jeremy Schneiderman, Drone Nerd’s CEO. 

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