New Event Brings Government and Emerging Technology Together

8 Key Areas Seen as Vital to National Innovation Strategy


TechNet Emergence, Presented by AFCEA International

March 11-12, 2024

Hyatt Regency, Reston, Virginia

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Four emerging technologies (1-3 years to full capabilities), and four "horizon" technologies (3-8 years to full capabilities), will be explored in an open forum with key stakeholders from all areas building connections between the Department of Defense (DoD), federal civilian agencies, the intelligence community, tech start-ups, and the venture capital community this March 11-12 in Northern Virginia. Against the backdrop of the US National Science Foundation's upcoming investments in research and development, this event will address the need for a "national innovation strategy."

Emerging technologies include Supply Chain, Data Integrity, Cybersecurity of IoT (Internet of Things), and Quantum Computing.

Horizon technologies include Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy, The Future of Telecommunications, Artifical Intelligence (AI), and Semiconductors and Microelectronics.

Start-ups and early-stage companies will demonstrate their technologies amidst top-tier keynotes and panel discussions. Attendees can count on venture capital and program executives to be on hand to engage participants and hear pitches from tech companies.

Presenters include:

  • The Honorable Heidi Shyu, Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, U.S. Department of Defense;
  • Katherine Sixt, Ph.D., Principal Director for Biotechnology, office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, U.S. Department of Defense;
  • Charles Clancy, Ph.D., Senior VP and CTO, MITRE Labs;
  • Erwin Gianchandani, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships
    U.S. National Science Foundation
  • Tim Gilday, Senior Director, Emerging Technology, General Dynamics Information Technology;
  • Brian Hack, former Deputy CIO and Deputy Director for Information Technology Enterprise, CIA.


  • Recent developments in all 8 areas have broad and deep implications for government, military, academia and industry. Meanwhile, nation-states, corporate interests and other
    groups view these emerging technologies as competitive advantages or means to be used in information warfare, cyberattacks or for other nefarious purposes. This event connects technologists directly with key leaders representing all eight focus areas before, during and after keynotes and panel presentations, allowing them to be a part of charting a course for the future in terms of investments in and capabilities of cutting-edge technologies.
  • To deliver on global pacing challenges posed by all 8 focus areas, government and industry must work together. The purpose of this event is to open the discussion of avenues that bring government objectives and industry capabilities together in order to better secure our nation.

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