Milestones Drives Strong Momentum with 513% Increase of Consumers on Platform

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Milestones, a leading provider of innovative solutions for homeowner engagement in the real estate and mortgage industries, recently celebrated a phenomenal 513% surge in new consumers on its platform within just one month. This significant growth is attributed to Milestones’ recent strides in product advancements and strategic partnerships, purposefully designed to enable companies in the real estate and mortgage sectors to build closer relationships with consumers over the entire home ownership lifecycle and meet them where they are in the dynamic journey of homeownership.

Tailor-made for homeowners, whether they are buying, selling, moving, or owning, Milestones hubs serve as a centralized place to help simplify homeownership, offering access to essential documents, home service providers, home improvement suggestions, timely and seasonal home maintenance tasks and reminders, wealth-building insights, and more. With a white-label approach, Milestones assists real estate brokerages, mortgage lenders, title companies, home warranty providers, and insurance companies in being actively involved and guiding their customers’ journeys, fostering continuous engagement for repeat business and referrals, as well as driving ancillary products and services to boost revenue.

“We are excited about the momentum we are seeing around our homeowner engagement offerings and we’re just getting started,” said Dustin Gray, CEO of Milestones. “The last twelve months have been some of the most dynamic we’ve ever seen in technology, but they’ve only set the stage for the innovation that’s yet to come. We’re thrilled to be leading the way on this journey in homeownership and in partnership with our customers as we continue to introduce new products in the coming months.”

In 2023, Milestones launched Home Improvements and Virtual Designer, powered by AI, to deliver hyper-relevant tools to homeowners to help achieve their highest return on investment. The company also implemented enhanced integrations to help streamline operations for partners while ensuring a unified consumer experience. Since then, Milestones experienced a 513% increase in new consumers on the platform, driven in part by the strategic expansion of top-producing real estate teams and regional mortgage lenders that led to a 41% increase in customer growth.

“These recent offerings represent the beginning of increased demand for those launching Milestones to be first to market to get homeowners on our branded solution. This early reaction to consumers on the platform is bringing praise for what’s to come, setting new standards for consumer engagement and industry innovation,” said Ashley Terrell-Kayiran, Chief Revenue Officer of Milestones.

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About Milestones

Milestones provides personalized home management portals, referred to as “hubs,” that incorporate a variety of tools and resources to assist homeowners throughout the entire homeownership journey, and that are uniquely branded to professionals in the real estate landscape. Whether it's buying, selling, moving, or owning a home, homeowners have access to a wide array of home service providers, insights into home value, and much more. Our solution simplifies the complexities of homeownership, while empowering real estate professionals to stay engaged, educate, and add value for their clients to foster long-term relationships.

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