Joining Forces for School Climate Action: CFT's Sponsorship of the Inaugural Unconference

TORONTO, Jan. 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canada's Forest Trust Corporation (CFT) is excited to announce its involvement as the lead sponsor of the inaugural Unconference of Hope and Bold School Climate Action, an initiative led by in Hamilton, Ontario this April. In a world where 70% of youth express deep concern over climate change, CFT's collaboration with signifies a crucial step towards mobilizing Canadian youth in climate action.

The Unconference, taking place from April 3 to April 6, aims to be a beacon of progressive climate action in schools. This event will assemble a diverse range of experts and interactive workshops, providing fresh perspectives and actionable strategies to bring climate change education and climate action to our classrooms and our schools. It's an event designed to inform and empower students, educators, administrators, facilities staff, parents – everyone connected to school communities, to become active participants in leading meaningful climate action.

“CFT's involvement in the Unconference is more than just sponsorship; it's a commitment to supporting our schools in the critical work of educating youth and communities about climate action and modelling the path forward for environmental stewardship,” mentioned Gary Zed, Founder and CEO of CFT.

Central to CFT’s ethos is the empowerment of the next generation of climate leaders. Their School Smart Forest™ program exemplifies this, where students are involved in climate leadership by supporting the planting and preservation of Smart Forest™ projects across Canada. “CFT’s unique school climate action program transcends traditional environmental efforts, turning tree planting into an engagement and educational program that presents a triple win – benefiting the planet, schools, and communities alike,” mentioned Tam Matthews, Chair of CFT’s Education Advisory Board and former Chair of the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS).

The Unconference aligns with CFT’s vision, offering an inclusive space for everyone in the education sector, from students to top-level administrators. The event is designed to break down barriers, fostering an environment of shared learning and collective climate action across generations. By supporting this event, CFT is amplifying its mission to cultivate practical, sustainable climate solutions through education and active engagement.

CFT’s participation in the Unconference includes a 'Forest Bathing Quiet Zone', a serene space sponsored by CFT for attendees to immerse themselves in nature. CFT’s informational booth will also showcase its impactful programs and opportunities for deeper involvement.

“The synergy between CFT and the Unconference is more than a partnership; it's an important step in supporting our schools to become part of the pathway of climate solutions,” Michèle Andrews, Co-Founder & Executive Director of, stated. “Education is a tremendous untapped opportunity for achieving our climate goals. Everyone needs to learn about the ways they can restore our communities and shape a future where everyone thrives.”

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About Canada's Forest Trust Corporation
Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation (CFT) is a leading social enterprise that offers a nature-based solution to capture carbon by building Smart Forests™. With proprietary tools and in collaboration with Forest Stewards (businesses, schools, organizations, communities, and individuals), CFT is on a path to procure, prepare, plant, preserve and protect millions of acres of forests around the world, forever. Our Forever Forest Guarantee ensures that every forest created by CFT undergoes expert management, reporting and monitoring, and silviculture maintenance. Smart Forests sequester CO2, rehabilitate ecosystems, engage Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, and boost the green economy. Smart Forests are smart investments.

About is a registered charity established to help individuals, schools, communities and organizations take ambitious steps towards a just, beautiful and regenerative world. They are working to catalyze bold, hope-filled climate action in and through elementary and secondary schools, and invite everyone to join them in building a movement too powerful to ignore.

What is an Unconference?
An unconference is a participant-centred event with a focus on interaction, experiential learning and collaboration. In April, the emphasis will be on creating learning opportunities for groups who don’t usually learn or “conference” together, including students, teachers, parents, administrators and more – a truly intergenerational gathering.

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