NP Digital Partners with Creative Agency REBL House to Propel Client Success

Two of Canada’s fastest-growing agencies unite, signaling a bold lead in marketing’s next era

Montreal, Jan. 30, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NP Digital, a global leader in end-to-end performance marketing, has finalized the acquisition of creative and branding agency REBL House. This latest merger bolsters the agency’s in-house creative services and galvanizes the next era of integrated brand and performance marketing for its clients. 

NP Digital Canada led the acquisition from Quebec, further positioning it for growth in the Quebec market. The merger rounds out its unrivaled approach to end-to-end marketing, adding to its global team of solutions specialists, data analysts, and now a robust team of creative storytellers. REBL House is now the in-house creative division of NP Digital, providing brand development, influencer marketing, creative strategy and full-service video, photo, audio, and graphic & motion production. The enriched suite of solutions produces a higher caliber of marketing and captures a progressive advertising shift toward a synchronous blend of digital and traditional, forging stronger marketing outcomes in branding and performance. 

“Our partnership is a direct reflection of the market’s demand for standout campaigns. The rise of AI has led to a surge of lookalike content, making REBL’s innovative creative services not just desirable, but essential. Their proven track record is critical to crafting campaigns that stand out and perform,” said Ronnie Malewski, Managing Director of NP Digital Canada. 

In the two years since NP Digital expanded into the Canadian market it has achieved a remarkable surge in growth, securing clients such as Mitsubishi, Coveo, and Adobe. Similarly, the female-founded creative and branding agency has demonstrated disruptive growth since its launch in 2024. It has built a team of strategic creatives in Canada and an impressive creative portfolio of projects in partnership with brands like Marriott, Goli Nutrition, Hello Fresh, and more.   

The joining of these two agencies gives rise to a new paradigm for marketing to confront the forthcoming convergence of brand and performance. Together, they seamlessly integrate creativity and data-driven strategies, empowering marketers to earn meaningful attention, balance short and long-term goals and maximize efforts in today’s ever-changing business landscape.  

“Building REBL House from the ground up has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life, and as we expand into a part of NP Digital we’re proud to join forces with a fellow Toronto agency that has already been so warmly received by Canadian businesses and shares our cultural and client-centric values,” said Alex Toulch, Founder and CEO of REBL House. “We’re excited to spearhead a new era of marketing where brand entertainment meets performance and the opportunity to offer this winning combination to celebrated brands worldwide.” 

The merger and its unique integrated agency model are announced with a creative campaign that humorously underscores the indispensable synergy between marketing and creative by illustrating the interdependence of simple, everyday elements. This approach underscores the profound impact of this partnership.  


About REBL House: 
REBL House is a full-service creative and branding agency founded in 2014 specializing in creative strategy, branding, copywriting, and full-service video, photo, audio, and graphic & motion production. REBL House is on a mission to convert limitless imagination into compelling content that sparks meaningful conversation and actionable results. As one of the fastest-growing agencies in Canada, it specializes in creative storytelling for the world’s most celebrated consumer brands. For more information visit 

About NP Digital: 
NP Digital is a performance marketing agency focused on enterprise and mid-market challenger brands. Underpinned by its proprietary technology division and platform Ubersuggest, NP Digital is regarded as one of the fastest-growing, award-winning performance marketing agencies in the industry. NP Digital views marketing through a consultative lens that takes a holistic view when applying specialist execution to build meaningful partnerships. These partnerships include some of the world’s most prominent Fortune 500 brands in addition to mid-size, DTC challenger-type organizations. NP Digital spans across the globe with 750 employees in 18 different countries and 40 of the 50 U.S. states. For more information visit  


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