The simulation helping LBS students perform better in job interviews

LONDON, Jan. 31, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- London Business School (LBS) has introduced interactive simulations with avatars, developed in collaboration with Attensi, to prepare MBA students for job interviews.

The practice interviews improve confidence and skills for students who are time-poor due to their academic studies and busy business school life.

This innovative game-based solution provides far greater flexibility, allowing students to engage in realistic interview scenarios at their convenience. They can make mistakes and experience nerves and pressures of real interview scenarios.

An attentive MBA student at London Business School is using Attensi's interactive interview preparation simulation on her laptop, reflecting a blend o

The Career Centre at LBS has traditionally offered extensive interview preparation resources, including one-to-one coaching and online materials. However, students struggled to find time to spend on these resources. They worked with game-based simulation specialists at Attensi to come up with a simulated reality solution.

Unlike static online resources, the interactive simulation game allows students to engage in realistic interview scenarios, fostering adaptive thinking and building confidence in an unpredictable environment. The mobile-friendly nature of the program enables students to seamlessly integrate interview preparation into their busy schedules, whether using a laptop or tablet.

According to one MBA student Priyal, "I could really revise everything I wanted on the go. So even between two interviews, I just have to find one seat in the cafeteria, and I can revise what I want. The flexibility and practicality of this approach significantly contributed to my confidence level."

Thanks to the success of the program, LBS has decided to incorporate game-based learning into its skills curriculum content, recognizing its value in preparing students for real-world challenges.

This strategic move aligns with London Business School's commitment to providing cutting-edge educational experiences that prepare students for the dynamic business environment.

Michele Asbury, Director of Digital Product Development, "We were quite blown away with it. This kind of product is absolutely right for a business school environment. In a real interview you pass or fail. The simulated reality interview gives students the chance to fail, try again in different ways and learn from that experience."

Thomas Niven, Attensi Managing Director of Professional and Financial Services, "It’s really rewarding to help empower students to perform better in interviews using these simulated scenarios. This solution helps bridge the gap between knowledge and practical experience."

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