Simple Announces Restaurant Menu Nutrition Scores to Empower Members to Make Healthy Eating Decisions Anywhere, Anytime

New product feature enables members to enjoy dining out without compromising 2024 health and wellness goals

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Jan. 31, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Simple, the nutrition and wellness app empowering people to build balanced eating and self-care habits through a supportive, safe, and science-backed approach, today announced NutriScanner — a new custom-built smart camera which can scan menus globally and provide insight on the nutritional value of food items at restaurants and cafes.

At a time when millions are focused on the new year and healthy eating goals, many find themselves avoiding fulfilling parts of their lives — such as dining out. True to its belief that healthy eating shouldn’t be all or nothing, Simple’s new NutriScanner feature will help members navigate one of the hardest parts of staying committed to eating well. By providing instant visibility into the nutritional value of restaurant menus, Simple is enabling individuals to make informed, confident decisions, no matter where they may be eating.

In 2023, Simple introduced a Nutrition Scores system that analyzes the nutritional value of each logged meal, and also calculates an average Score based on the nutritional value of a member’s entire day of food logging. These Scores — which range from Low, Fair, Good, to Optimal — leverage a unique algorithm developed by Simple’s science team that considers key factors that influence weight and health, such as protein, saturated fat, fiber, hidden ingredients (like salt and sugar), and calorie density. Members also receive insightful tips from Avo™, the AI-powered wellness assistant within the Simple app, on how to increase the Score of their future meals.

Ultimately, Simple’s Nutrition Scores help members have greater visibility into the quality of their food, and provide judgment-free education on how they can further improve that nutritional value over time. They also encourage members to find balanced eating through a range and variety of food options, as opposed to an all-or-nothing approach.

To determine the Scores, NutriScanner harnesses artificial intelligence to detect text within a menu. From there, Simple uses large language models to retrieve specific food items within that text. Simple then leverages semantic search to source its food database of hundreds of thousands of items to recreate each meal and calculate its Score.

With Simple’s latest NutriScanner feature, users can now proactively consider food choices in advance, giving them greater control and visibility into their options, and providing them with insights to make informed, health-conscious decisions, while still enjoying dining experiences.

“January is an exciting time for folks looking to kick off the year with healthy eating, but it can be a challenge to stay committed or fully enjoy social outings when trying to establish a routine,” said Ro Huntriss, Simple’s Chief Nutrition Officer. “Sometimes people avoid eating out, and instead stay home to better control what they eat. At Simple, we understand that unfair pressure is no way to establish realistic and sustainable healthy eating goals. With our new NutriScanner feature, Simple users will have instant visibility on the nutrition of their food options, giving them the information they need to make health-conscious decisions while still enjoying the fun of dining out.”

The addition of NutriScanner reaffirms Simple’s commitment to promoting healthy habits that are practical to maintain over time. This new feature follows Simple’s recent announcement of its first-ever Chief (Anti-New Year’s) Resolutions Officer, Krista Scott-Dixon, who’s tasked with helping members set sustainable health goals and identify small, simple actions that can be done consistently year-round.

Simple’s new NutriScanner is currently available on the iOS English version of the app. It’ll become available on Android and other languages in the coming months.

To learn more and try Simple’s NutriScanner, download the Simple app in the App Store.

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