PEAR Health Labs partners with Google Cloud to enhance personalized fitness experience with generative AI

Two leading artificial intelligence companies collaborate to lower barriers to accessing personalized health and fitness recommendations with a more approachable, interactive digital interface

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., Feb. 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PEAR Health Labs today announced a partnership with Google Cloud that equips the digital fitness company to build smarter health and wellness coaching solutions with Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s unified AI platform that helps train, tune and deploy ML models and AI applications and customize large language models for use in AI-powered applications. 

As part of a broader, companywide move to consolidate to Google Cloud, PEAR’s use of Vertex AI will enable more natural and customized user interactions within its AI-driven audio and video fitness app, Aaptiv®, enhancing the overall experience. The integration will also allow Aaptiv’s digital activity assistant, AVA™ — or Aaptiv Virtual Assistant™ — to understand complex natural-language user requests and provide personalized workout recommendations and coaching tailored to individual needs and goals. 

“Building upon our considerable experience using AI to guide users’ activity journeys, we’re now harnessing the power of machine learning and generative AI to engage users and meld the physiological and psychological aspects of activity together to offer truly personalized coaching experiences and activity prescriptions,” said Richard Bayly, PEAR Health Labs’ vice president of product, AI and data. “Choosing Google Cloud made considerable sense because of their wide range of offerings that align with our business. Vertex AI’s unified set of tools reduced the drag on our development, removed cross-platform considerations and provided access to Google Cloud’s leading AI expertise. This partnership marks an important step forward in the evolution of our commitment to helping people move smarter, get healthier and live happier.”

Combining data engineering, data science and ML engineering workflows, Vertex AI provides several options for model training and deployment that enhance the PEAR Training Intelligence® platform’s current data analysis capabilities for Aaptiv. The goal of that enhanced data analysis is to provide better activity recommendations leading to more physical activity and improved health, which helps prevent or minimize the negative impact of chronic disease. Google Cloud's Cloud Text-to-Speech API will also power more seamless, humanlike voice interactions, allowing users to communicate with AVA like a real personal trainer. 

“Generative AI is fundamentally changing how many businesses operate, fueling a new era of cloud that can benefit virtually every area of an organization,” said Matt Renner, president of Google Cloud. “By utilizing Google Cloud’s leading gen AI capabilities, PEAR Health Labs can unlock new insights that help them provide personalized workout recommendations and improve the overall user experience."

Recognizing the sensitive nature of user health data in the cloud, the privacy and security of customer data are primary design criteria that underpin all Google Cloud services. Google Cloud offers built-in data protection at scale — by default — designed to protect PEAR Health Labs and other forward-thinking organizations from intrusions, theft and attacks. Customer data stored in Google Cloud is encrypted at rest, and depending on the connection, Google applies default protections to customer data in transit. 

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