TestGrid launches TestOS 2.0: A Bolder, more Powerful, and Unified Testing Platform

TestOS 2.0 is the best ever testing OS by TestGrid offering a 360 degree and cost efficient platform for all.

ATLANTA, Feb. 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TestGrid, a leading, end-to-end automation cloud and on-premise testing platform today launched TestOS 2.0, a Bolder, more Powerful, and Unified Platform for all your testing needs. TestOS 2.0 now offers new innovative features like Automated Visual Testing for Web and Mobile apps, Users will now be able to execute their Appium & Selenium scripts of TestGrid cloud of real mobile devices & browsers. Record and Play test case authoring for codeless automation, next-level AI Auto Heal and a lot more.

With TestOS 2.0 users will no longer have to hop on different feature based platforms and can perform 360 degree test automation under one roof. This will help testing and development teams collaborate better and release software faster with unmatched UX in a cost efficient manner.

“At TestGrid our mission is to simplify the lives of fellow testers & developers by offering a unified platform for all their testing needs. TestOS was our first step in this direction and with TestOS 2.0 we are completing the loop. The team has worked relentlessly over the past nine months and have delivered some cutting edge features like automated visual testing, automated app & website testing, record & play for test automation etc. TestOS 2.0 will help users perform all business critical tests much faster and launch pixel perfect UX,” said Harry Rao, Founder & CEO TestGrid

TestOS 2.0 now supports Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools and offers enterprise relevant features like Biometric authentication, image injection, device lock & unlock functionality, device reservation & allocation, in-built performance metrics, etc which are critical for every enterprise testing.

TestOS 2.0 revolutionizes the Test Automation process, making it more streamlined & cost-efficient than ever. The updated version will also offer faster performance testing with global location mocking feature, API testing and an all new UI. Some other useful features like VPN tunnel to test local apps/websites, virtual USB etc.

About TestGrid

TestGrid is a leading provider of end-to-end automation cloud and on-premise testing solutions. With a focus on simplifying the testing process, TestGrid’s innovative AI-powered technology allows organizations to achieve significant time and cost savings while accelerating their go-to-market strategies.

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Harry Rao
Founder & CEO TestGrid