Zylö’s ‘Powered by Z-pods®’ technology incorporated into BosleyMD’s new product line

The breakthrough product, Revive+ Densifying Foam for hair growth, is now for sale at CVS

GREENVILLE, SC, Feb. 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zylö’s Z-pod® topical delivery platform is being used by BosleyMD—the Thinning Hair Authority—as a key feature in their newly launched product line, Revive+ Densifying Foam. BosleyMD is currently offering a male version and a female version through CVS and online (see link below); distribution through Walmart and Ulta Beauty is expected soon. Cable TV and online advertising will be used to promote the products.


As explained on the back of the Revive+ package, Zylö’s technology provides SUPERIOR SUSTAINED DELIVERY, with the tagline: Encapsulated for precise delivery to the follicles and sustained release up to 24 hours. Near the bottom it reads ‘Powered by Z-pods®’ … Zylö’s equivalent of Intel® Inside.

The Z-pod technology is based on silica-derived particles—called Z-pods—that encapsulate an active ingredient of choice, providing sustained delivery that nourishes/treats the skin for 24+ hours, as opposed to the bolus effect—without Z-pods—which typically results in only 30-60 minutes of effect. The Z-pods also provide enhanced delivery to hair follicles, perfect for a hair-growth product.

With the Revive+ product line, the Z-pods encapsulate the active ingredient Y100, a natural ingredient that is extracted and purified from the alma tree. Y100 has been demonstrated to restore mitochondrial function by the world’s leading experts in mitochondrial function at Yuva Biosciences.

The scientists at YuvaBio were the lead authors in a seminal paper, Reversing wrinkled skin and hair loss in mice by restoring mitochondrial function, which was published in one of the Nature publications, Cell Death & Disease. Yuva then combined their mitochondrial expertise with artificial intelligence to screen about 15,000 compounds to determine which compounds restored mitochondrial function the most. The best of the best was Y100 (a trademark owned by YuvaBio).

They then tested Y100 against Y100-loaded Z-pods in a formal study, and the results clearly demonstrated the superiority of using the Z-pod technology to gain a durable and lasting effect.

YuvaBio and BosleyMD then put the Y100-loaded Z-pods to the test in a 90-day study—conducted by an independent contract research organization— that involved 35 human subjects with diagnosed androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness. As BosleyMD states on their website:

  • 88% felt hair appeared healthier and stronger
  • 83% saw thicker, fuller hair
  • 83% noticed hair regrowth
  • 77% noticed NEW hair growth
  • 77% experienced less hair shedding

The results were compelling and suggested that Y100-loaded Z-pods could outperform minoxidil (Rogaine®) and dutasteride/finasteride, all of which are drugs that have certain side effects.

Scott Pancoast CEO + founder of Zylö, stated, "Congratulations to YuvaBio and BosleyMD for the successful launch of the Revive+ product line. The products are best-in-class and promise to become category leaders. We at Zylö look forward to more fruitful collaborations in the future.”

About Zylö Therapeutics: Zylö is commercializing the ‘Powered by Z-pod®’ technology platform, a disruptive topical delivery system that extends duration of effect, improves follicle activity/targeting, and enhances product performance of many therapeutic and cosmetic agents. Notably, the Z-pod technology can also be adapted to provide sustained topical delivery of nitric oxide for multiple therapeutic indications. For more detail on the Z-pod technology, please visit www.z-pods.net and follow us on Twitter (@Z-pods).

For questions, please contact:

Scott R. Pancoast
CEO + Founder