Undetectable AI Named Among Top 50 Most Used AI Tools Globally

Undetectable AI ranks #36 for popularity out of 200 leading AI tools globally.

Sheridan, Wyoming, Feb. 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Undetectable AI was recognized as one of the most used AI platforms globally in a new report from FlexOS.

The new "Generative AI Top 150" report by Flex.OS analyzed usage data across over 200 AI tools to reveal the world's most popular and widely adopted platforms.

The report also noted ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Grammarly as the most used AI-enabled platforms.

According to the report, Undetectable AI ranked #36 out of 200 leading AI platforms based on its estimated monthly traffic and search volume.

Undetectable.ai is an AI detector, checker, and humanizer that allows users to detect AI-generated content and humanize AI text that bypasses AI Detectors.

With over 4 million users, the Undetectable.ai writing tool aims to help people rewrite AI-generated text to sound more human ethically.

"We're grateful to be acknowledged among the world's leading AI companies helping shape the future of work and creativity," says Christian Perry, CEO of Undetectable AI. "This reflects the tremendous adoption we've seen from students to enterprise teams who want to incorporate the power of large language models while crafting content that flows like a human wrote it."

The FlexOS.work report found that after ChatGPT itself, the most popular use case for AI tools globally is within Writing & Editing. Undetectable AI ranked 7th in its category after leading AI writing assistant Grammarly but ahead of other top tools like Copy.ai, Rytr, and Jasper.

Best AI writing tools based on user popularity according to Flex.os

  1. Grammarly AI
  2. Simplified AI
  3. ZeroGPT
  4. Copy.AI
  5. WriteSonic
  6. Undetectable AI (for rewriting and humanizing ai text)
  7. Wordtune
  8. Jasper.ai
  9. Rytr.me
  10. Shortly

"The demand for AI writing tools will only accelerate," added Christian Perry. "With over 4 million users today, we aim to keep improving our revision capabilities to ensure writers of all kinds can incorporate AI assistance while retaining their own voice and style."

The full "Generative AI Top 150" report is available on FlexOS.work. It provides usage estimates across categories such as General GPTs, Social and characters tools, Image Generation, and more.

About Undetectable AI:

Undetectable.ai offers tools to refine and rewrite AI-generated text into readable, human-like language that bypasses detection. Learn more at Undetectable.ai

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