Kobiton Open-Sources Appium Script Generation Tool

The move is intended to encourage collaboration among developers, increase automation in the development process and accelerate software delivery cycles

ATLANTA, Feb. 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kobiton, a leader in mobile testing, announces that its Appium script generation tool is now available via open source. Kobiton’s goal in open-sourcing the tool is to encourage developers, testers and automation enthusiasts worldwide to use and improve the script generator for the benefit of mobile app owners and users everywhere.

Kobiton CTO Frank Moyer gave a presentation yesterday at the Automation Guild ‘24 virtual conference in which he talked about Kobiton’s decision to open source its Appium script generation tool. A recording of the presentation can be found here.

Appium is an open-source framework which allows Quality Assurance professionals to perform automated app testing on various platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows. It streamlines the testing of native mobile apps developed using iOS, Android or Windows SDKs; mobile web apps accessible through browsers like Safari and Chrome or native browser apps on Android devices; and hybrid mobile apps that incorporate a native wrapper around the web view. By automating Appium script generation, development teams can save money and accelerate testing, significantly reducing testing cycles and enabling faster app releases.

Kobiton is the testing industry’s only Appium script generator from a manual mobile test session. Kobiton’s AI technology effortlessly converts manual test cases into precise Appium scripts with speed and ease. This process allows testers to navigate through test cases using natural manual testing gestures like clicking, swiping and typing on a mobile device. Once the manual testing is complete, the AI-powered system can automatically generate flawless Appium scripts without requiring extensive manual coding or intervention. Kobiton’s output is versatile enough to be used by developers on other platforms, like Sauce Labs, BrowserStack and LambdaTest, and can be integrated into low-code platforms like Perfecto and Tricentis. This interoperability fosters wider adoption and ease of use across the industry.

Kobiton’s Appium script generator is well known to accelerate the overall testing workflow. On average, developers using Kobiton’s tool can write a 30-step script in 10 minutes, whereas a manual approach could take as long as four hours.

“Kobiton’s decision to open source its script generation tool is a strategic move that aligns with current trends in software development: collaboration, automation and accelerated delivery,” said Sean Barry, CEO of Kobiton. “Being the first to market with an AI-powered Appium script generator from manual test sessions and offering it via open source positions Kobiton as an innovator. This move could attract attention from the broader mobile app development and testing community, potentially leading to increased adoption of Kobiton’s other offerings.”

“With the engine currently supporting a significant range of Appium-compatible languages, open-sourcing our script generator marks a strategic step forward,” said Moyer. “This move not only facilitates broader language and framework support but also empowers the community to tailor scripts to their specific needs. We're inviting collaboration to advance automation testing, driving innovation and adaptability in a field that's constantly evolving.”

About Kobiton

Kobiton empowers enterprises to accelerate mobile app delivery through manual, automated, and no-code testing on real devices. Kobiton's AI-augmented mobile testing platform uniquely delivers one-hour continuous testing and integration. Founded in 2016, Kobiton is venture-backed and headquartered in Atlanta. More information at www.kobiton.com.

Kevin Wolf