Insight Financial Services Awarded Mohave Educational Services Cooperative Contract

Arizona Purchasing Contract Provides Members with Preferred Access to IFS’ Leasing Services for Technology Equipment, Products, and Services

COSTA MESA, Calif., Feb. 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Insight Financial Services (IFS), a division of Insight Investments, LLC, today announced that it has been awarded a purchasing contract from the Mohave Educational Services Cooperative (MESC) to provide leasing and financing services. As an approved program vendor, MESC members gain preferred access to IFS’ industry leading technology leasing services and financing solutions in Arizona.

“MESC is an excellent program helping schools, public sector, and nonprofit organizations to quickly procure trusted services at preferred rates,” said Andy Hashimoto, Vice President, Education at Insight Financial Services. “We have deep experience providing IT lease financing options for this audience and are excited to be part of the MESC program. Our goal is to be a top quality partner, while offering a distinct choice for members as they decide how to finance and manage their technology refresh programs.”

MESC is an Arizona-based cooperative purchasing partner that uses service, vision, opportunity, and innovation to create a partnership that benefits all members and vendors. Its members include public school districts, government entities, qualified political subdivisions, and nonprofit educational and healthcare institutions across the state. MESC is dedicated to excellence in procurement and customer service so that it can be Arizona’s cooperative procurement partner of choice.

IFS offers a range of tailored lease programs designed to meet the unique technology needs of the education, government, and nonprofit sectors including operating and capital leases. These programs are instrumental in helping customers to sustain their IT environments, establish modern refresh cycles, reduce total cost of ownership, track and manage their assets, and more. Since 2018, IFS has financed well over one million student and teacher devices as well as other IT equipment to provide teachers and students with the technology they need to teach and learn in an equitable way.

“IFS supports hundreds of school districts and nonprofits across the country, and we are looking forward to helping more organizations in Arizona achieve their technology goals through this important partnership,” concluded Hashimoto.

IFS’ MESC contract number is 23F-INS-0129.

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