EPIC 2024 to Amplify New Voices and Ideas from Across HR Industry

Agenda for People-Centric Event Will Focus on Real-World Strategies and Practical Tips for Today’s Workforce Needs

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Feb. 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The upcoming Elevate People, Ignite Change (EPIC) Conference today shared details about new voices coming to the event’s stage, April 24 – 26, 2024, at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Committed to delivering people-centric ideas that go beyond best practices, EPIC will showcase leaders from across the HR industry, creating a forum for like-minded attendees to learn from their peers and bring innovative and transformative opportunities back to their organizations.

Agenda highlights include:

  • “Using Asynchronous Work as Driver of Inclusion” – As many organizations navigate with the return to office debate, Katee Van Horn, CEO of VH Included Consulting and a former VP of Engagement & Inclusion for a Fortune 500 company, will explain how to build diverse, productive teams without expecting employees to be online and available simultaneously.
  • “Unlocking Success: Empower Your People With Human-Centered HR Solutions” – In this session, Mindy Honcoop, founder and Fractional CPO, Agile in HR, will consider how to infuse the HR ecosystem with user-centric energy and reshape HR into a realm where engagement isn’t a choice but a way of life.
  • “Workplace Flexibility: Encouraging a More Human Approach and Fostering Accountability” – Drawing on her background as an HR executive, Melissa Fugitt, Vice President, People Operations at BAMF Health, will explore shifting mindsets from “You’re my employee” to “We are a human both in and outside of work,” to foster innovation and redefine the concept of flexible time off.
  • “Comfort Communications: Making Empathy Easier for Everyone” – Recognizing that grief is a universal experience in life and at work, Jason Seiden of Comfort Communications will share a new approach to grief support that is simple, customizable, equitable, effective and sustainable.
  • “The Importance of Mental Wellness as a Critical Part of Workplace Belonging” – Here, Annalisa Adams-Qualtiere, Chief People Officer at The Skoll Foundation, will discuss how to create workplaces that honor emotional wellbeing as an essential aspect of building, supporting and retaining exceptional talent.
  • “Supercharge Hiring in the Age of Showcased Company Culture” – With the majority of job seekers relying on employee reviews, having a healthy star rating is essential to standing out. Matt R. Vance, CEO of Mobrium, will offer actionable strategies to change an organization’s culture from the inside out.

Mark Stelzner, EPIC Conference Chair, shared, “For some time now, HR has had to cope with increased demands, limited resourcing and a disproportionate focus on digitization. While these are still real considerations, we are seeing a necessary and critical return to human centricity, including a hunger for innovative ideas, fresh perspectives and overall advancement of the people profession. EPIC is embracing and amplifying this moment through voices known and new.”

To see the full agenda and register now, visit www.EpicHR.com.

About EPIC

Elevate People, Ignite Change (EPIC) is the only industry event of its kind. Developed by Human Resource Executive®, the premier media outlet covering strategic human resource issues, EPIC helps HR leaders learn innovative and transformative ways to strengthen and future-proof their people strategies. EPIC provides attendees the opportunity to expand the networks and resources needed to better attract, retain, engage and grow talent to impact the overall success of their organizations positively. Learn more at www.EpicHR.com.


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