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Singapore, Feb. 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NOMAD Caviar Singapore, a company that runs an online store selling caviar, delivers directly from sustainable, aquaculture farms to the table of the customers. The purpose of delivering directly to the customer, which bypasses middlemen, is to substantially reduce the price of caviar, allowing it to be accessible to more people. Jason Cohen, founder of NOMAD Caviar, had always wanted to offer caviar sourced from the most sustainable farms to finally eliminate the common perception that caviar is luxury food that can only be eaten in tiny amounts. For more information visit

Jason says, “We needed to share this fantastic product with our family and friends. The trouble is that many of the people that we preached to saw caviar as a little too expensive and old fashioned for them, unaware of the fantastic health benefits and complex flavours. So, we had a great idea! Why not host amazing dinner parties and squeeze in some delicious caviar at an opportune moment? Once our guests tried it, they couldn’t get enough of the good stuff.”

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With more people getting exposed to the great taste of caviar, not to mention its health benefits, the demand for caviar is growing, which leads to another problem. The price of caviar rises because of the increased demand, which is why Jason thought of finding a way to reduce its cost. By conducting a lot of research, travels, and various tastings, he was able to identify suitable farms that could supply the caviar.

NOMAD Caviar Singapore is offering the Kaluga Hybrid caviar from the sturgeon that is a cousin of the farmed Beluga that produces big and firm beads with colours ranging in different shades of brown. The roe that comes from the mature Kaluga hybrid sturgeon has a firm bead and a buttery taste and creamy scent. This breed is the result of the union of two sturgeons native to the Amur River basin, which are the Huso dauricus, which is a cousin to Beluga and the biggest freshwater fish in the world, and the Acipenser schrenckii (Amur) sturgeon.

As previously announced, the Kaluga Hybrid caviar is sustainably farmed and hand-picked to ensure the best quality. It is packed inside airtight tins to ensure freshness and allow it to be delivered straight to the homes of customers in Singapore. It can be kept in the refrigerator unopened between 0 to 2 degrees C for up to two weeks. If opened, at the same temperature, it can be stored in the fridge for up to 48 hours. The company doesn’t recommend putting the caviar in the freezer because this will alter its flavour and texture.

Also available through NOMAD Caviar Singapore is the caviar spoon. Since the usual metal spoon is not recommended for caviar because it can change its delicate flavour, the caviar spoon offered by NOMAD has a mother of pearl tip that ensures it will not impart any undesirable flavour to the caviar.

NOMAD Caviar Singapore was launched by Jason Cohen, a veteran of the hospitality industry, to focus on providing the best quality, sustainably farmed caviar and delivering it directly from the sustainable aquaculture farm to the customer’s home. The company has decided to bypass the middlemen to allow them to provide caviar at a more accessible price, enabling more people to enjoy caviar as a main course and as a daily food, instead of just taking a little nibble on special occasions. NOMAD Caviar always makes sure to look for the best sources in terms of quality, cost, and sustainability.

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