Best4Tires, in collaboration with Attensi: Gamified training for optimized customer service 

COLOGNE, Germany, Feb. 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Best4Tires, a leading service and solutions partner for tires, rims and complete wheels, has introduced innovative gamified training solutions in collaboration with Attensi. This revolutionary method enables teams to work more efficiently and deliver outstanding customer service. 

By using game mechanisms in training, Best4Tires was able to achieve impressive results: 

- 85% of the identified knowledge gap was closed. 
- 94% of employees enjoyed the training. 
- 93% of employees developed a better understanding of the different customer segments and their goals. 
- 91% of employees actively apply what they have learned in their daily work.

In a rapidly evolving automotive industry, Best4Tires recognized the need to modernize its training methods and improve knowledge sharing. By implementing a customized training program based on Attensi PROCESS and PORTAL, the company was able to successfully develop its sales organization. 

Gamified training offers an innovative and effective alternative to conventional training methods. By integrating game mechanisms, learners are actively involved in the learning process and are motivated to deepen their knowledge. This leads to greater effectiveness and more sustainable learning success compared to passive training methods. Since then, Best4Tires has benefited from better-trained staff who are continuously learning. 

Philip Hülswitt, Chief Sales Officer at Best4Tires, emphasized the importance of an interactive learning environment for employees:  

"We wanted to create a learning environment for employees (new as well as existing) that was more than just clicking through presentations or silently attending training sessions - we wanted an interactive solution. It was important to us that this worked in a playful way and without spatial and time restrictions. That's why we decided to work with Attensi." 

Thanks to the partnership with Attensi, this project was a great success. 

The gamified training simulates real work processes and sales scenarios, resulting in an efficient and practical learning experience. Employees can act in a safe environment, make mistakes and learn from them, while the points system increases their motivation. 
The implementation of this advanced training method at Best4Tires led to a sustainable improvement in learning success and work performance: 

- Employees learned complex processes faster in the most efficient way to provide outstanding customer service. 
- The interaction with customers and colleagues in the form of avatars created an authentic and playful learning environment, which sustainably increased employee motivation and learning success. 
- The integration of humour and the opportunity to strive for top positions on the high score list encouraged employees to actively engage with the training content and continuously improve their skills. 

Niclas Kaspari, HR Manager at Best4Tires, emphasized that the training is not only effective for existing employees, but also for new employees. They can play the sales training directly and gain initial experience without the fear of making mistakes. 

The successful integration of the gamified training is just the beginning of a promising partnership between Best4Tires and Attensi. The company plans to extend the platform to other areas of the business to deliver tailored training to meet strategic objectives. 

The impressive results speak for themselves and show that investing in innovative training methods creates measurable added value for companies. 

About Best4Tires 

Best4Tires is a leading service and solutions partner for tires, rims and complete wheels. The company offers a wide range of products and services for private and business customers and is characterized by its innovative approach to customer service. With a dedicated team and a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Best4Tires strives to meet the needs of its customers and provide them with a first-class experience. 

About Attensi 

Attensi is the world's leading provider of high-impact gamified training. Their 3D training is based on insights from the fields of psychology, learning and gaming. Employees can learn and complete new skills via mobile, desktop or VR. Attensi helps companies motivate and prepare their employees for new challenges and offers an unparalleled learning experience. 


Marcus Folger