BioNTX Champions Talent Retention in the Texas Life Sciences Industry

DALLAS, Feb. 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioNTX, the leading biotechnology and healthcare innovation trade organization in North Texas, continues its commitment to nurturing the thriving, regional, life science ecosystem having recently hosted their ‘Keeping Talent in Texas’ event and ‘Annual Talent Network Career Expo’. Through a series of career initiatives, the organization aims to support academic talent and professionals affected by recent layoffs in the pharmaceutical sector, providing opportunities for career advancement within the North Texas life science industry.

These events, held at Pegasus Park, and the new UTD/UTSW BioMedical Engineering School brought together employers, scientists, and senior professionals displaced by the recent operational restructuring of Reata Pharmaceuticals and Novartis; serving as a bridge between talented individuals and potential employers, creating a platform for networking, resume collection, and fostering connections within the local community.

During the events, BioNTX collected resumes and CVs from attendees, creating a valuable resource for both employers seeking skilled talent and professionals seeking new career opportunities. The organization is leveraging its extensive network to connect these individuals with potential employers within the region.

"Our ‘Keeping Talent in Texas and ‘Talent Network Career Expo’ events reflect BioNTX's unwavering commitment to the professionals who contribute significantly to the North Texas biotech and healthcare innovation industry. We understand the challenges faced by those interested in moving from academia to industry and those affected by recent layoffs. We are dedicated to creating opportunities for this wealth of talent to thrive in North Texas," said Kathleen M. Otto, CEO at BioNTX.

BioNTX reinforces its commitment to fostering industry growth through various educational initiatives. The organization actively collaborates with learning institutions, spanning from K-12 to university level, to provide a comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to biotech education. These partnerships aim to cultivate a skilled workforce, ensuring the continuous evolution and innovation of the biotechnology and healthcare sectors in North Texas.

"BioNTX believes in building a sustainable future for the biotech industry by investing in education and collaborative partnerships. Our commitment to fostering talent starts at the grassroots level and extends through every stage of one's career. By creating a supportive ecosystem, we ensure that North Texas remains a hub for innovation and professional growth," added Aaron BenComo, MD, Business Director at BioNTX.

As BioNTX continues to lead the charge in supporting talent retention and industry growth, the organization invites all stakeholders to join in its mission to cultivate a dynamic and flourishing biotech community in North Texas.

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About BioNTX:

BioNTX is the premier bioscience and healthcare innovation trade organization in North Texas, serving as an affiliate of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization in Washington, DC. Dedicated to bridging the gap between businesses and job opportunities, BioNTX provides a cost-saving purchasing consortium, networking events, and educational programming to the life science community in North Texas. The organization's commitment extends to fostering industry growth through educational partnerships and collaborations that span from K-12 to higher learning institutions. For more information, visit