Worksport Announces SOLIS Solar Cover Availability for Ford F-150 Lightning, Pioneering Sustainable Off-Grid Energy Solutions for EV Pickup Trucks

West Seneca, New York, Feb. 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Worksport Ltd. (Nasdaq: WKSP;) (“Worksport” or the “Company”) announces that it has commenced the initial planning phases for the development of a model of its innovative SOLIS solar cover for the Ford F-150 Lightning. This pioneering product signifies a significant step forward in sustainable automotive solutions, providing F-150 Lightning owners with the ability to harness solar energy for off-grid use. Once a SOLIS model is developed and optimized for the Ford F150 Lighting, Worksport’s engineering team intends to begin exploring the feasibility and possibility of integrating the SOLIS Solar Tonneau Cover with the vehicle’s charging system.

Understanding the unique challenges posed by the Ford F-150 Lightning’s size, weight, and limited bed area, Worksport is committed to conducting comprehensive tests to accurately measure the maximum additional mileage the SOLIS can offer, if integrated directly as a passive charging option. While the F-150 Lightning's specifications may impact the total miles gained, Worksport’s preliminary estimates suggest the SOLIS solar cover can contribute meaningfully to the vehicle's range, underscoring the Company's dedication to maximizing power efficiency for its customers. Previous calculations conducted by Worksport’s engineering team have shown than the Solis Solar Tonneau Cover can potentially increase range by up to 10 miles in certain circumstances.

In addition to the SOLIS solar cover, Worksport plans to offer the SOLIS and COR battery bundle for the F-150 Lightning, offering a complete solution for clean, off-grid energy utilization. This innovative pairing is expected to allow for the utilization of solar power without depleting the vehicle’s onboard power reserves, marking a significant advancement in sustainable automotive technology.

The COR Battery, a crucial component of this bundle, is currently undergoing rigorous testing and is on track to proceed to the manufacturing stage for its Alpha Launch. This stage will involve real consumer testing, further demonstrating Worksport’s dedication to product excellence and reliability. While preparations for the SOLIS solar cover are nearing completion, its launch is planned to strategically align with the finalization of the COR Battery to ensure a seamless introduction to the market. In the meantime, parts for the SOLIS are being sourced from suppliers, laying the groundwork for mass production and availability.

“Worksport is at the forefront of integrating solar technology with automotive accessories, and the SOLIS solar cover for the Ford F-150 Lightning is a testament to our innovative spirit and dedication to sustainability,” said Steven Rossi, CEO of Worksport. “By offering the SOLIS and COR bundle, we believe that we are not only providing a means to enhance electric vehicle range through renewable energy, but also empowering F-150 Lightning owners to embrace clean, off-grid energy solutions. We look forward to sharing the results of our tests and bringing this transformative product to the market.”

Stay tuned for future updates on the SOLIS solar cover and COR Battery, as Worksport continues to redefine the possibilities of automotive accessories and sustainable energy solutions.

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Worksport Ltd. (Nasdaq: WKSP; WKSPW), through its subsidiaries, designs, develops, manufactures, and owns the intellectual property on a variety of tonneau covers, solar integrations, and NP (Non-Parasitic), Hydrogen-based true green energy solutions for the sustainable, clean energy, and automotive industries. Worksport currently maintains an active partnership with Hyundai for the SOLIS Solar cover. Additionally, Worksport's hard-folding cover, designed and manufactured in-house, is compatible with RAM, Chevrolet, and GMC models from General Motors, as well as Ford, Jeep, Nissan, and Toyota pickup trucks. Worksport seeks to capitalize on the growing shift of consumer mindsets towards clean energy integrations with its proprietary solar solutions, mobile energy storage systems (ESS), and NP (Non-Parasitic), Hydrogen-based technology. Terravis Energy’s website is For more information, please visit

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