Cycode Delivers ‘AI Inside’ Risk Intelligence Graph for Application Security Posture Management (ASPM), Turbocharging Its Complete ASPM Platform

In the lead up to its inaugural ASPM Nation event, Cycode notches another milestone by integrating Generative AI into its platform to end AppSec chaos

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cycode, the leader in Application Security Posture Management (ASPM), today announced enhancements to its award-winning ASPM platform. With the addition of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) to its already industry-defining Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG), Cycode transforms the ‘brain’ of its platform to quickly find the answers to the most complex application security and development questions using every day, natural language. This makes the RIG even more effective at bridging gaps and connecting the dots across AppSec data silos, using context and deep security insights to fundamentally transform the way companies manage application security. Cycode will announce more details at the industry’s first ever ASPM Summit, ASPM Nation. The half day event features sessions with Ford, Okta, theScore, EY, PagerDuty and others with a keynote from the former CISO of Tik Tok.

"We’re at a pivotal moment in the industry where ‘AI inside’ our Risk Intelligence Graph represents not just an advancement, but a fundamental shift in how we preemptively address and neutralize threats. This enables us to analyze complex data at unprecedented scale and speed,” said Lior Levy, CEO and co-founder at Cycode. “This addition to our complete ASPM platform empowers security and development teams to predict and mitigate risks with remarkable speed and precision, ensuring our customers stay several steps ahead of any potential threats."

Cycode Continues to Deliver Market Defining ASPM Functionality

Executive Dashboard: Cycode’s all new Executive Dashboard enables leaders to quickly understand and drill down on the health and risk posture of the organization at any moment in time — ensuring the business always remains cyber resilient and able to measure and track trends accordingly. Enterprise organizations with more matrixed and complex business unit and application complexity will now have the visibility they need across any situation or environment.

Global Risk Scoring: Enhancements to Cycode’s global risk scoring now includes an automated risk score for security violations that prioritizes them by understanding true severity and impact behind each one. Global Risk Scoring automatically provides available risk assessment information, enabling a more informed and efficient security posture management without the need for manual input.

New ConnectorX ecosystem: Cycode’s innovative ‘click and connect’ third party security tool Integration platform, ConnectorX, now boasts a robust network of over 75+ connector partners and integrations.

Developer Experience: This release features enhancements to developers' workflows, featuring IDE plugins for VS Code and JetBrains, a powerful Command Line Interface (CLI) and PR scanners that facilitate early detection and resolution of security issues. These additions streamline the development process by embedding security practices from the outset and foster a collaborative environment between developers and AppSec teams, ensuring a balance between efficiency and security.

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Cycode is the leading Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) providing Peace of Mind to its customers. Its complete ASPM platform scales and standardizes developer security without slowing down the business — delivering safe code, faster. The Complete ASPM platform can replace existing application security testing tools or integrate with them while providing cyber resiliency through unmatched visibility, risk driven prioritization and just in-time remediation of code vulnerabilities as scale. Cycode’s Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG), the ‘brain’ behind the platform, provides traceability across the entire SDLC through natural language. Backed by tier-one investors Insight Partners and YL Ventures, the series-B company has raised $80 million and boasts a number of the top global Fortune 100 customers in the world that are gaining immediate value. Book an online demo of Cycode’s ASPM platform.

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