CamScanner Launches Magic Pro Filter to Make Scanned Documents Perfect with Just One Click

New York, Feb. 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CamScanner, a global leader in document scanning apps with over 300 million users, recently unveiled a revolutionary new tool enabling users to make their scanned documents perfectly clear with just one click. The cutting-edge "Magic Pro Filter" feature, powered by artificial intelligence, automatically detects blurs, and shadows in scans and effortlessly removes them. With a simple click, CamScanner users can now achieve pristine, blur- and wrinkle-free scans that resemble their original documents, regardless of shooting conditions.

Watch the YouTube video: CamScanner Magic Pro Filter Demonstration

Behind the Scenes: AI's Power in Imaging

Kevin Cao, General Manager of CamScanner, explained that the product's Magic Pro Filter bases the way it smoothens and clarifies images on its precise perception of the images. Through proprietary deep-learning technology, the AI sorts through image features—such as lighting, shadows, and angles—then automatically adjust the brightness and contrast. This capability allows CamScanner's filter to adjust in ways that best suit different types of documents, including exam papers, invoices, memorandums, and business reports. The Magic Pro Filter is a game-changer in CamScanner's utility for digitizing documents, improving education, and streamlining business record-keeping.

AI-Scan Engine: Enhancing how CamScanner Recognizes Images and Text

Supported by the CamScanner-developed AI-Scan Engine, the Magic Pro Filter helps the scanner best process images, recognize text, and restore the original layout of many different forms of documents. CamScanner's use of deep learning for precise image adjusting corrects blurry, wrinkled, and shadowy documents to ensure clear scans across a variety of popular document types—even in different languages.

Cao's vision for the future highlights CamScanner's commitment to using AI for the best possible processing of documents. As a pioneer in applying AI for image processing, optimal character recognition (OCR), and deep learning, CamScanner strives to enhance productivity and streamline workflows for users around the world.


CamScanner Launches Magic Pro Filter to Make Scanned Documents Perfect with Just One Click

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