LiDAR Technology for Civil Engineering: The A to Z of Light Detection and Ranging

NAPLES, Fla., Feb. 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Intetics, a leading American technology company, issued a new White Paper on LiDAR technology for civil engineering.

Recent developments and the commercialization of LiDAR have made it an invaluable asset to civil engineers' arsenal of tools. This transformative technology ensures a fast collection of detailed spatial information to achieve time-savings, accuracy, efficiency, and innovation for construction projects.

Given the vast amount of information available on LiDAR, including its types, applications, and standards, a comprehensive resource would be helpful for civil engineering professionals seeking to leverage LiDAR in their projects.

The new White Paper, "LiDAR Technology for Civil Engineering," is a promising solution, offering an A-to-Z guide on LiDAR's relevance and use within the construction industry.

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Knowledge at a Glance: What to Expect?

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology captures precise, three-dimensional information about physical environments. It advances critical tasks in surveying, planning, monitoring, and managing, helping to build and maintain the essential services and infrastructure that make modern life possible.

The impact spans all civil engineering project stages: design & planning, preservation and retrofitting, risk management, environmental and land use, asset management, etc.

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Uncover the topics revealed within the White Paper:

  1. How LiDAR benefits infrastructure projects across various stages.
  2. The science behind LiDAR.
  3. The evolution of LiDAR technology in a clear visualization of significant milestones.
  4. A breakdown of the current LiDAR technology market state and future projections.
  5. How the main technical components of LiDAR systems in civil engineering interact.
  6. Airborne, terrestrial, mobile, UAV (drone), and solid-state types of LiDAR.
  7. Noteworthy use cases within the civil engineering domain.
  8. Typical kinds of LiDAR data processing explained.
  9. Common industry standards that are already in use and those under development.
  10. An ultimate compilation of trusted professional associations.
  11. Leading figures, key contributors, and regulatory bodies associated with LiDAR technology in civil engineering.
  12. List of industry-recognized certifications for individuals, organizations, and specialized training programs.
  13. A checklist of questions to ask while assessing the current state of LiDAR technology integration within your organization + a bonus list of available tools to ease your evaluation process.
  14. Books, websites, articles, publications, online courses, and tutorials to deepen your knowledge, and thematic conferences for networking opportunities.

Get access to LiDAR knowledge that drives informed decision-making, optimizes resource allocation, and enhances your project outcomes.

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