Metatron Apps and AB International Group Join Forces to Launch AI enhanced Movie Streaming Hub

DOVER, Del., Feb. 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an initiative aimed at revolutionizing the global digital entertainment landscape, Metatron Apps (OTC: MRNJ) and AB International Group (OTC: ABQQ) have accepted the initial terms of a collaboration via Letter of Intent. Metatron Apps brings to the table a rich history of developing hundreds of mobile apps, with several achieving top 20 rankings on the Apple App Store. AB International Group contributes its streaming rights for over 1000 Chinese movies and TV shows. The two entities have agreed via Letter of Intent (LOI) to develop a new, innovative video streaming platform. This project seeks to harness Metatron Apps' app and AI technical expertise alongside AB International Group's expansive content catalog, launching a top-tier movie streaming service with the goal of becoming “The Netflix of China”.

Metatron's integration of AI into the platform will revolutionize user interaction with AB International Group's catalog. AI-driven search and discovery will offer a personalized viewing experience, making content navigation seamless and intuitive. Additionally, AI-enhanced advertising will ensure relevant promotions, increasing engagement and visibility for AB International's content. This dual application of AI technology promises a smarter, more adaptive platform that not only entertains but anticipates and meets user preferences efficiently.

This partnership leverages Metatron Apps' impressive track record of creating intuitive, market-leading applications with AB International Group's rich repertoire of cinematic content, setting the stage for a streaming service that promises to offer an unrivaled selection of films tailored to the diverse tastes of Chinese audiences and beyond.

Under the LOI, AB International Group commits to financing the initial development and operational expenses, underscoring their dedication to bringing high-quality entertainment into homes worldwide. In exchange, Metatron Apps will offer equity shares, cementing a durable alliance poised for sustained success and innovation in the entertainment sector. Revenue generated from the venture will be shared, with detailed arrangements to be specified in a forthcoming comprehensive agreement.

Joe Riehl CEO at Metatron Apps, expressed enthusiasm about the venture, stating, "Our collaboration with AB International Group is a monumental step toward revolutionizing the video streaming service market in China. By pooling our resources and expertise, we are on track to create an unparalleled digital entertainment experience."

Echoing this sentiment Chiyuan Deng, CEO at AB International Group, remarked, "Our alliance with Metatron Apps leverages our substantial content library and their technical acumen to fulfill our vision of becoming the AI entertainment movie streaming hub. We are excited to embark on this journey, confident that our joint efforts will captivate audiences and set new benchmarks in the streaming industry."

As both companies advance towards finalizing their partnership terms, this LOI marks a pivotal moment in their shared commitment to innovation, quality entertainment, and the creation of a platform that not only meets but exceeds viewer expectations.

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