Tai Software and Shiplify Partner to Enhance Customer Experiences by Eliminating Hidden Post Shipment Fees

Integration between Tai and Shiplify set to provide better visibility into delivery locations, removing the potential for hidden accessorial fees

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Feb. 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tai Software, the leading transportation management system (TMS) for freight brokers, today announced a strategic partnership with Shiplify, the leading assessorial identification provider for the LTL industry. This collaboration aims to significantly reduce discrepancies between initial freight quotes and final carrier invoices, eliminating back-office disputes, streamlining operational efficiencies and improving overall customer experience.

With the integration of Shiplify's services into the Tai TMS platform, freight brokers now have the ability to access a shared database used by carriers to align crucial shipment information. This real-time data exchange ensures that all parties involved—shippers, third-party logistics companies/brokers (3PLs), and carriers—are on the same page, leading to a drastic reduction in unexpected charges and a smoother quote flow process.

"We believe in a 'know before you go,' philosophy when it comes to the quoting process. This partnership with Tai expands our ability to put more brokers in the ‘know,’" said North Winship, President, Shiplify. "Integrating Shiplify’s cutting-edge assessorial identification into the Tai TMS platform means brokers can guarantee a level of service and transparency that was previously unattainable. It’s a game-changer for lifting the standard of customer experience in freight brokerage."

Shiplify's platform goes beyond typical location details by providing essential attributes about the delivery or pickup locations. By accurately identifying whether a location lacks dock or forklift facilities, for example, Tai TMS can inform customers proactively, advising if specialty services are required for a particular shipment. This proactive approach promises a vastly improved customer experience by setting clear expectations and avoiding unpleasant post-delivery charges.

"This partnership addresses the often contentious issue of inflated final delivery fees that result from a lack of foresight during the quoting stage," added Walter (Mitch) Mitchell, CEO, Tai. "With the insights provided by Shiplify, Tai users are no longer exposed to the risk of being blindsided by surcharges, reinforcing customer trust and satisfaction."

The integration furthers Tai's status as the leading freight broker TMS, while highlighting Shiplify's expertise in managing accessorials with unparalleled efficiency. Recognizing the complexity and the often opaque nature of freight brokering, Tai has been at the forefront of delivering solutions that simplify freight management through innovation. Together, the integration between these two market leaders promises to redefine industry benchmarks and set a new standard for shipping accuracy, efficiency and transparency.

About Tai Software

Tai Software is a fully integrated platform for freight management, offering companies efficiency and growth opportunities. Tai TMS streamlines operations through full-scale automation for Full Truck Load (FTL) and Less than Truckload (LTL) shipments, integrating with major carriers and technology partners for end-to-end automation. With over 500 tool integrations and 20 years of tech innovation, freight brokers rely on Tai TMS for domestic freight management solutions and business empowerment to focus on strategic growth by supporting their representatives.

About Shiplify

Shiplify is an innovative assessorial identification provider that serves the LTL industry. It specializes in delivering accurate location data to preemptively identify necessary ancillary services, thereby avoiding unexpected fees and enhancing overall customer service.

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