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Transforming Pharma Commercial Analytics with Advanced Patient Claims Data Analysis

Pune, Feb. 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an era where data is pivotal, the pharma industry stands at the cusp of a significant transformation powered by the extensive utilization of patient claims data. This invaluable dataset, encompassing detailed records of treatments provided to patients, redefines the landscape of commercial analytics.

Patient claims data, generated through the reimbursement processes for healthcare providers, hospitals, and pharmacies, offers a rich history of a patient's healthcare journey. It encompasses two primary categories: hospital claims, detailing inpatient and outpatient services, and pharmacy claims, focusing on dispensed medications. This data captures critical information, including physician and patient details, drug and payer information, diagnosis, and procedures.

As indicated above the data flowing across the patient journey, underscores the comprehensive nature of the information captured, from treatment initiation to completion. The data reflects the direct healthcare services provided and captures the nuanced interactions between patients, healthcare providers, and insurance entities.

The potential to derive insights from patient claim data analytics is vast, with capture rates indicating significant coverage across sales, patients, and physicians. Pharma and Life sciences organizations can delve into the market landscapes, profile patients, and understand treatment patterns, and disease progression. This level of insights can help pharma companies capture sales for up to 70%, actively Patient capture up to 50%, and HCP capture to about 85%.

This enables companies to make strategic decisions effectively from product launch to assessing product performance to understanding the dynamics of managed care coverage.

Furthermore, the applications of claims data analytics extend to evaluating adherence programs, identifying switch patterns, and conducting competitive analyses. The detailed layout of prescription claims data, encompassing every facet of the healthcare service provided, forms the backbone of this analytical prowess.

The transformative potential of patient claims data is immense, offering a pathway to enhanced patient care, improved operational efficiency, and strategic insights that can shape the future of healthcare delivery. As the industry continues to evolve, the role of claims data in driving innovation and fostering a data-driven approach to healthcare cannot be overstated.

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