Cyber Acoustics Announces New Headset that Completely Eliminates Background Noise in Call Centers, Offices, Homes, and Hybrid Work Environments

Featuring AI noise-reduction technology, the AC-304 is the world’s best headset for noisy work environments

VANCOUVER, Wash., March 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cyber Acoustics, a leading manufacturer of reliable and affordable computer peripherals used in schools, businesses, and homes, today announced the Cyber Acoustics AC-304 USB Headset with AI Noise Reduction. The AC-304 is the world’s best call center headset for Environmental Noise Cancelation (ENC), ensuring customers only hear the agent’s voice, no matter what is going on around them.

Deployed by some of the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies and call centers in the world, the AC-304 solves the biggest challenges these businesses face through industry-leading AI Noise Reduction technology in a lightweight form factor that agents can comfortably wear for long periods of time.

Cyber Acoustics AC-304 Lowers Average Handle Time in Contact Centers Through ENC
Call center success relies on a number of factors, with Average Handle Time (AHT) being one of the biggest. This key metric focuses on how long it takes to resolve an issue from when the customer initiates the call to the final resolution. The superior AI Noise Reduction in the AC-304 headset eliminates all background noise from an agent’s environment, and can lead to shorter call times and an improved AHT metric.

Whether agents work in a bustling call center office with other agents just feet away, work from home with barking dogs, lawn mowers, rowdy kids, or fan noise, or work in remote locations where roosters roam free and crow loudly, the AC-304 blocks everything for customers on the other end of the line. This means no more, “I couldn’t hear you; can you please repeat that?” Just clear, quality calls no matter where the agent works.

BPOs go to great lengths to create an office infrastructure that keeps background noise reduced. This can include carpeting, acoustic ceiling tiles, sound baffles, or white noise machines, and a myriad of other solutions that are expensive and cumbersome. The noise-cancelation in the AC-304 is so effective, it eliminates background noise in even the loudest call center or office, no additional software required.

“Cyber Acoustics really aims to serve as a technology partner to our customers, not just a vendor,” said Steve Erickson, COO at Cyber Acoustics. “We look closely at the real-world challenges our customers face and then build products that address those pain points. In this case, the result is the AC-304 with AI Noise Reduction technology, which delivers environmental noise cancelation so powerful you have to hear it to believe it.”

Cyber Acoustics AC-304 with AI Noise Reduction features and specifications:

  • Ultra lightweight design - just 75 grams (about the weight of just one egg)
  • Soft earpads with cooling technology for all-day comfort
  • Convenient controls - microphone mute with LED indicator and volume up/down
  • USB-A plug-and-play, no additional software required
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebook, as well as all softphones including Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Nice, RingCentral, Avaya, and Genesys

A USB-C version, the AC-304C, is available now on Amazon. This consumer-friendly version enables professionals to work from anywhere, including coffee shops, airports, noisy offices, or home, offering complete Environmental Noise Cancelation, ensuring colleagues, customers, friends, or family only hear your voice, no matter what is going on in the background.

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Cyber Acoustics Expands Line of Call Center Headsets, Adds Training Solutions
In addition, Cyber Acoustics also offers an agent training headset, the new Cyber Acoustics AC-204TR, which allows agent coaches to easily connect into an agent’s call with a customer to monitor, and if needed take over, the conversation. For more details about the AC-204TR visit

For more information about Cyber Acoustics and its complete line of products, or to learn how we can help you promote your brand through a premium technology build, visit

About Cyber Acoustics
Founded in 1996 Cyber Acoustics is a leading manufacturer of reliable and affordable computer peripherals used in schools, businesses, healthcare facilities, call centers and homes. Its product line includes PC speakers, headsets, headphones, microphones, laptop docking stations, speakerphones, and webcams. Focused on sustainability, Cyber Acoustics offers a no-cost recycling program, accepting wired and wireless headsets, headphones, and earbuds from any brand. The company has already donated more than 11,500 pounds of electronics for responsible reuse or recycling. To learn more about Cyber Acoustics’ commitment to sustainability visit For more information about Cyber Acoustics products visit Follow the company on InstagramFacebook, and LinkedIn.

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AC-304 Headset with Noise Reduction from Cyber Acoustics