Cyber Acoustics Revolutionizes the Training of Call Center Agents

Coaches can now seamlessly connect to an agent’s headsets and listen to, and take over, the customer call with the benefit of noise cancelation for both the agent and the coach

VANCOUVER, Wash., March 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cyber Acoustics, a leading manufacturer of reliable and affordable computer peripherals used in schools, businesses, and homes, today announced the Cyber Acoustics AC-204TR, a cost-effective headset for call centers featuring environmental noise cancelation for clear customer calls and the flexibility for coaches to provide proper agent training and assistance.

Developed by Cyber Acoustics, the patent-pending AC-204TR eliminates the need for Quick Disconnect (QD) headsets, a solution that does not offer Environmental Noise Cancelation (ENC) and requires the coach to have two headsets, one to assist the agent and one to connect to their tablet or PC.

The AC-204TR offers a secure Bluetooth connection to the Cyber Acoustics HS-1500BT, a professional wireless headset coaches wear that allows them to connect to each agent’s call to listen, and if needed, take over the conversation with the press of a button. With this solution, both the agent and the coach receive the benefit of ENC. In addition, the HS-1500BT allows coaches the freedom to move about the call center floor while maintaining a simultaneous secure wireless connection to their computer or tablet.

The combination of the AC-204TR and HS-1500BT can also be used to give agent’s the freedom to move to a different area in the call center when there is a need to help a customer troubleshoot an issue with larger products. This replaces the expensive and traditionally deployed products that utilize DECT wireless technology. In addition, one HS-1500BT wireless headset can be shared with any number of agents, making it a cost-effective solution for contact centers.

AC-204TR connects wirelessly with HS-1500BT

A Simple Solution to One of Call Center’s Biggest Pain Points
Connecting to an agent’s AC-204TR is simple. Just press the Bluetooth button on the AC-204TR in-line controller to connect to the agent’s call. This allows the coach to listen to the conversation without being heard. If the coach would like to take over the call, they press the mic select button on the AC-204TR in-line controller and now they are able to speak directly to the customer while the agent is still able to listen. When help is no longer needed the coach simply presses the Bluetooth button on the AC-204TR in-line controller to disconnect and then moves on to the next agent needing assistance. This process can be repeated with any number of agent’s AC-204TR headsets that have been pre-paired to the coach’s HS-1500BT.

The secure wireless connection between the AC-204TR and the HS-1500BT utilizes encryption security ensuring no other devices, including another HS-1500BT from a different coach, will connect to the agent’s AC-204TR, keeping the call between an agent and customer secure.

“We spent a lot of time talking with customers in the contact center industry to make sure we truly understood their challenges, and the more IT people we talked with in the space, the more apparent it became that QD headsets are a major pain point,” said Steve Erickson, COO at Cyber Acoustics. “The AC-204TR offers a way for BPOs to improve agent training by making it easier for coaches to connect to agent’s calls and offer guidance directly. It completely eliminates the need for quick disconnect headsets and offers a more modern, seamless solution that will reduce call times while providing better quality and more efficient training for the agent.”

Excellent Environmental Noise Cancelation Ensures Agents Are Heard Clearly
Effective ENC is a crucial feature for any headset used in contact centers, and many BPOs go to great lengths to create an office infrastructure that keeps background noise reduced. The AC-204TR enables ENC in the training environment that has not been available with traditional QD headsets. BPO’s have often had to supplement their need for noise cancelation with QD headsets by deploying expensive software solutions. The AC-204TR and HS-1500BT solution eliminates the need for this extra software and the difficulty of managing software licenses.

Cyber Acoustics AC-204TR USB Training Headset Features and Specifications

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the training and agent/coach interaction
  • Environmental Noise Cancelation technology (ENC) to minimize background noise and eliminate the need for additional noise-canceling software
  • Connects securely with the coach’s HS-1500BT headset
  • Secure design to prevent connection to other Bluetooth devices
  • In-line controller for agent volume/mute and connection with HS-1500BT headset
    • Microphone mute with LED indicator
    • Volume up and down
    • Integrated Bluetooth with button and LED indicator for connection to HS-1500BT
    • Mic source button with LED indicator to select between agent and coach headset mic
  • Ambidextrous boom for left/right side use
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Adjustable headband
  • Leatherette earpads

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