Omega Park inaugurates the Makwa Foundation for the Conservation and Protection of Endangered Species

MONTEBELLO, Quebec, March 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Omega Park is delighted to announce the launch of the Makwa Foundation, an initiative dedicated to the preservation and conservation of endangered species.

The Foundation’s mission is built on four fundamental pillars:

  1. Protect animals and endangered species
  2. Promote education and research
  3. Valuing mental health
  4. Contribute to the appreciation of arts and culture

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Supported by Omega Park, local partners, as well as donors, the Foundation will implement philanthropic initiatives and provide financial support to various organizations sharing its mission.

Under the dynamic leadership of Ms. Ève Senneville, a dedicated collaborator of the Park for over 15 years, the Makwa Foundation has already achieved significant milestones, such as:

  • Loggerhead Shrike Reproduction Project
  • Avian Species Census at Omega Park
  • Monarch Butterfly Education Project in Schools
  • Zootherapy Day at Omega Park
  • And much more…

To discover all the achievements of 2023, please refer to our Report on our website

‘’It’s with great enthusiasm that I have accepted the role of leading the Makwa Foundation to carry out its important mission.’’
Ève Senneville, Président, Makwa Foundation

Join the Makwa Movement, and together, let’s contribute to the preservation of our natural heritage for future generations.

About Omega Park and its Foundation.
Since 1991, Omega Park, located in Outaouais, has offered a unique formula in Quebec, allowing visitors to discover numerous species of wild animals in their natural habitat throughout the seasons. In addition to its twelve-kilometer car route, the Park offers various seasonal activities, dining services, and unique accommodations.

The Makwa Foundation, established in 2022, aims to protect animals and endangered species, promote education and research, valuing mental health and contribute to the appreciation of arts and culture.

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