Cycode Adds Exclamation Point to Its Complete ASPM Platform with Strategic Acquisition of Bearer, AI-Powered SAST & API Discovery Company

The acquisition extends Cycode’s portfolio in Application Security Testing (AST) as it surpasses 350% in revenue growth with the biggest bookings quarter in the company’s history

SAN FRANCISCO, March 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a strategic move that marks a significant leap forward in the industry, Cycode, the leader in Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) with the only complete approach to ASPM, announced the acquisition of Bearer, a modern AI-powered SAST, API discovery and data leak protection that delivers all three solutions in one to help Cycode overachieve in its mission to deliver safe code, faster. This strategic acquisition aims to supercharge its complete ASPM with scanning speeds 31% faster than the competition, utilizing AI for more contextual remediation, enhanced precision and offering an unparalleled developer experience for faster shipping.

This move not only strengthens Cycode’s position as a leader in the ASPM industry but also redefines what developers can expect in terms of efficiency, accuracy and ease of use — all while security teams can now begin operating with Peace of Mind. As the entire complete ASPM platform is built natively by Cycode, it is not reliant on any open-source scanning capabilities.

“Not all scanners in ASPMs are created equally — they need to understand what they are scanning, put it in context of the total ecosystem inclusive of broader ecosystem vulnerabilities and utilize the data from the platform to add context to risk, prioritize efforts and reduce costs and remediation efforts. Cycode raised the bar for SAST as part of its complete ASPM,” said Roland Cloutier, former CSO of TikTok, ADP and EMC.

"Our acquisition of Bearer represents a pivotal moment for Cycode and our complete ASPM platform," said Lior Levy, co-founder and CEO of Cycode. "Integrating Bearer’s modern SAST, API discovery and data leak protection technology into our platform is more than an enhancement; we’re providing the easiest way in the market for security teams and developers to interact together and work through security vulnerabilities. This strategic move aligns perfectly with our commitment to making security a team sport, where developers are supported with AI-driven context for faster remediation and velocity than ever before.”

Strategic Expansion & Strength to Cycode’s Complete ASPM Platform

"We are thrilled to be joining forces with Cycode, a company that shares our vision for making developer security a team sport," said Guillaume Montard, CEO of Bearer. "This union marks a critical milestone in our journey, amplifying our reach and impact to the world’s best security and development teams. Together, we're set to continue redefining the standards of the complete approach to application security posture management.”

The integration of Bearer’s technology into Cycode’s complete ASPM platform marks a significant enhancement in Cycode’s ability to go deeper on many levels. This acquisition not only strengthens Cycode’s existing offerings but also introduces new, cutting-edge capabilities, including:

  • Faster Scanning, Precise Findings and Developer Experience Designed for Speed: Cycode’s complete ASPM platform will now offer 31% faster scanning speeds than the competition, significantly reducing the time to detect vulnerabilities, while also adding unmatched precision in its SAST findings — while also designed to help your developers continue shipping with velocity through a best-in-class developer experience.
  • AI-Powered Code Resolution: With the introduction of Bearer Assistant, Cycode enhances its platform with AI-powered tools that provide automated suggestions for fixing security issues to streamline the remediation process.
  • Data Leak Protection: Security teams will gain complete visibility into how sensitive data moves within their applications and APIs, allowing them to mitigate risks and ensure compliance. With Bearer's comprehensive assessment of over 120 data types (e.g., PII/PHI/PD), security teams can empower developers to build with confidence, speed and the expertise to track and protect the most sensitive data flows.
  • Advanced API Discovery: Bearer’s API discovery, crucial for the protection of sensitive data in modern applications across your third-party services and APIs, will be integrated into Cycode’s ASPM platform. For instance, the ability to know which repos are using which third party APIs, and if they are exposed to stored sensitive data so that you can prioritize what matters most.
  • Powerful and Fully Enriched Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG): Bearer’s insights will enrich Cycode’s RIG, offering a deeper understanding of potential vulnerabilities and enhancing the overall security posture.

“Bearer’s modern approach to SAST, API discovery and data leak protection will set the tone for the industry — and we are excited to be leading from the front," said Dor Atias, co-founder and VP of R&D, at Cycode. “While other ASPM vendors rely on open-source scanners, Cycode has intentionally invested in the quality and coverage which will provide the speed and precision that our customers need to level up their security posture.”

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Cycode is the leading Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) providing Peace of Mind to its customers. Its complete ASPM platform scales and standardizes developer security without slowing down the business — delivering safe code, faster. The complete ASPM platform can replace existing application security testing tools or integrate with them while providing cyber resiliency through unmatched visibility, risk driven prioritization and just-in-time remediation of code vulnerabilities at scale. Cycode’s Risk Intelligence Graph (RIG), the ‘brain’ behind the platform, provides traceability across the entire SDLC through natural language. Backed by tier-one investors Insight Partners and YL Ventures, the series-B company has raised $80 million and boasts a number of the top global Fortune 100 customers in the world that are gaining immediate value. Book an online demo of Cycode’s ASPM platform.

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