Trends Shaping Canada’s Restaurant and Foodservice Industry in 2024

RC Show introduces the food, beverage and equipment innovation and insights that will form the future of foodservice

TORONTO, March 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RC Show 2024, Canada's leading hospitality and foodservice event, is set to showcase the latest trends and insights shaping the industry. From "eatertainment" to sustainability and AI-powered personalization, this annual trade expo provides a platform for industry professionals to explore innovative ideas, strategies and actionable solutions to help them ‘LEVEL UP’ their business.

On April 8-10, RC Show will highlight an evolving industry where consumers are becoming increasingly discerning about their food and beverage choices, more conscious of food waste and sustainable practices and entering an era of heightened personalization that leverages AI. The dynamic three-day conference will offer attendees avenues for revenue growth, discussions on foodservice innovation, and will serve as a hub for networking and hands-on experiences to help tackle industry issues, ensure sustained success and support those looking to take things to the next level.

Here’s a taste of what trends and insights you can expect to be addressed at this year’s RC Show:

This Year’s Food Trends

Consumers are seeking immersive dining experiences that engage all the senses. The concept of "eatertainment" is driving innovation in the industry, with restaurants leveraging interactive elements and entertainment to create memorable experiences that generate positive word-of-mouth. You can see this trend come to life at this year’s RC POP UP Experience, where and/ore Restaurant, led by Executive Chef Missy Hui, will be showing the LEVEL UP theme and how to create an amazing and elevated dining experience.

Further to engaging all the senses, a spice for life will definitely be a running theme across menus in 2024, as well as elevated flavour profiles. Unilever will be presenting their 2024 Global Future Menus Report on the RC Show stage and companies such as Club House for Chefs recently released their Flavour of the Year, and announced their new Tamarind and Pasilla Chile Seasoning launching this March 1 in response to consumer’s growing demand to spice things up. In addition, Club House La Grille Cracked Black Pepper, and Garlic and Sea Salt Seasoning will be launching next month, followed by Cattlemen’s Hawaiian BBQ Sauce, set to launch June 1.

Consumers are also demanding clarity, with diners increasingly interested in knowing ingredients, as well as origins of their food and beverage. This means there is a growing emphasis on transparency in the foodservice industry. Restaurants are responding to this ask by providing detailed information about sourcing and are offering less processed and more natural menu options, as seen with Beyond Meat, Still Good (featured in the Québec Pavilion) that gives a second life to ingredients that are still good and nutritious through sustainable agri-food practices, and in Too Good to Go’s NEW "smell look taste" campaign that takes a closer look at labeling as another way to support the no-waste movement.

Beverage & Beyond

Innovative beverage offerings, coffee cocktails and "sleepy girl" mocktails are emerging as popular choices among consumers seeking unique and flavourful drink experiences. Restaurants are embracing this trend by introducing creative concoctions that blend traditional flavours with modern twists, catering to a diverse range of tastes, as seen with Giffard Syrups’ NEW non-alcoholic quality fruits and plants syrups, as well as specialty syrups.

Beverage experimentation continues to grow as the sober curious movement evolves and the market for replica beverages transforms into consumer-led demand for taste and health-driven beverage blends. Companies such as Tractor Beverage Co. have been on a mission to create a cleaner, healthier planet one drink at a time. Sustainability sourced and organically crafted from roots, fruits, blossoms, and barks using time-honored methods, resulting in naturally flavourful, balanced drinks that satisfy your taste buds.

AI & Tech

AI-powered personalization is revolutionizing the foodservice industry by allowing establishments to tailor their offerings and interactions to individual customer preferences, and supporting back of house, as seen with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and NVIDIA, which have partnered to deliver infrastructure that can accelerate AI-workloads and drive widespread adoption of deep learning models.

New trending technological advancements are widespread, impacting all the ways we eat and drink out, including helping businesses customize menus, and create more personalized recommendations and event targeted diner messaging.

Tech tools that can bump up the customer experience, advancements in technology are enhancing the overall customer experience in foodservice establishments, like KEENON Robotics Co.’ DINERBOT and BUTLERBOT, all designed to redefine efficient delivery. These tech tools encompass a wide range of innovations designed to streamline operations, improve service, and increase customer satisfaction.

AI is playing an increasingly significant role in various aspects of food preparation, dining and overall restaurant operations. This includes smart kitchen appliances, personalized dining experiences, predictive analytics and automated cooking systems like Atosa’s Intelligent French Fry Robotic Solution designed to help food service professionals with labour shortages, and Gastronomous that utilizes cutting-edge robotics technology to automate the cooking processes in commercial kitchens.

Circular Economy

The foodservice industry remains focused on sustainability and a circular economy. Sustainability is a top priority, with a growing emphasis on plant-based products and menus including the growing trend of plant-based seafood, which you can find at Woop4 and King’s Vegetarian.

Utilizing food waste, throughout the food supply chain, wastage occurs, prompting innovative solutions like repurposing waste into new products. Restaurants and manufacturers are creatively utilizing surplus produce and byproducts to create value-added items such as juices, sauces, and snacks. This practice not only minimizes waste but also supports sustainability by maximizing resource use. For example, Mieko’s BioMaster® food waste disposal unit provides a clever solution for food waste and food scraps, converting waste (including frying oil, coffee grounds, fats, etc.) into a homogeneous biomass. This innovative method converts restaurant waste into environmentally friendly renewable energy!

You will find more of these trends and solutions all under one roof at RC Show 2024, taking place April 8-10, where the industry will come together, be inspired and learn how to LEVEL UP!

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