Sibros and Cavli Wireless Announce Groundbreaking Partnership to Empower IoT Connectivity Across Automotive and Beyond

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sibros, a leader in software-defined vehicle (SDV) technology, and Cavli Wireless, a global pioneer in Cellular IoT enablement solutions, today unveiled a strategic partnership that will redefine IoT connectivity for devices across various industries, including automotive, transportation, logistics, smart cities, and beyond. This collaboration is designed to offer adaptable, secure, and efficient "chip to cloud" full-stack solutions that empower seamless IoT enablement journeys for OEMs and other stakeholders.

By integrating Cavli's IoT modules with the Sibros stack, including the Sibros<>Hubble integration, this partnership is positioned as a comprehensive solution that establishes and manages Cellular IoT-based wireless communication systems. It securely transports data between devices in the field and the cloud, handling the necessary data processing for insights and decision-making. This collaboration marks a pivotal step towards creating a universal IoT connectivity platform that is both use case and industry-agnostic.

Cavli Wireless will take charge of the connectivity management layer, ensuring reliable and universal connections for IoT devices, while Sibros will oversee the application data layer, facilitating robust data analytics and remote commands. Together, they will deliver a full suite that enables OEMs to have a seamless IoT enablement journey, from chip to cloud.

Hemant Sikaria, CEO of Sibros, stated, "This partnership with Cavli Wireless is a leap forward in our mission to expand IoT connectivity. By combining our strengths, we are now able to offer a comprehensive solution that spans from the hardware right through to the cloud, ensuring a seamless IoT enablement journey for OEMs."

John Mathew, CEO at Cavli Wireless, echoed these sentiments, “Cavli is delighted to partner with Sibros, blending our distinct advantages to create and deliver sustainable IoT solutions globally with unparalleled efficiency. This partnership will not only enhance connectivity solutions across various sectors but also standardize IoT networking platforms as a benchmark for the industry."

The integration of Sibros and Cavli's technologies enables OEMs and businesses in sectors like agriculture and industrial mobile machinery to transition and adapt their mobile assets into smart-connected solutions seamlessly. This is particularly significant for Sibros as it broadens its focus beyond automotive to allied sectors requiring smart asset management.

Furthermore, joint go-to-market (GTM) strategies and product co-development efforts between Sibros and Cavli Wireless are set to unlock new, standardized IoT networking platforms, showcasing them as industry benchmarks. With provisions for Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) and Delta-FOTA in Cavli’s Smart Modules, Sibros’ cloud platform will serve as the intermediary server hosting updates, thereby enhancing the functionality and reliability of IoT solutions.

About Sibros:
Sibros is accelerating the future of SDV excellence with its Deep Connected Platform™ that orchestrates full vehicle software update management, vehicle analytics, and remote commands in one integrated system. Adaptable to any vehicle architecture, Sibros’ platform meets stringent safety, security, and compliance standards, propelling OEMs to innovate new connected vehicle use cases across fleet management, predictive maintenance, data monetization, and beyond. Learn more at

About Cavli Wireless:
Cavli Wireless designs and manufactures industrial-grade cellular IoT smart modules that improve equipment reliability and expedite application development processes. Cavli's smart cellular modules are equipped with global cellular connectivity through integrated eSIM functionality that provides users with affordable international data pricing, simplified device management, and centralized subscription management through the proprietary cloud-based platform Cavli Hubble. Learn More at

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Sibros Technologies, Inc. 

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Cavli Wireless