Momcozy Expands Presence in Top US & UK Retailers

New York, March 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Maternity and Baby Care Brand Now Offers Products Through Babylist, Boots, Target, and Walmart, Among Other Retail Giants

Since July 2023, the brand—known for its commitment to innovation and a mission of creating "cozy designs, born from love"— has started offering dozens of its globally recognized products through retail giants including Babylist, Boots, Target, and Walmart, among others. In February 2024 alone, Momcozy began selling a variety of 12 products, including its award-winning Seamless Nursing Bra, All-in-One Breast Pump, and Warming Vibration Lactation Massager through the US Army Exchange. Over the past couple weeks, the brand has also debuted with a trio of products on the website of UK electronics store Currys.

On Babylist, a universal baby registry that allows users to add items from any online store to their registry, shoppers can now purchase a variety of Momcozy’s top-sellers, including the S9 Pro, S12 Pro, M5 and YN08 breast pumps. A similar growing array of products is available through Boots, a UK-based health and pharmacy retailer.

Walmart, one of the world’s largest online retailers, has sold Momcozy products including the S9 Pro, the 120-count milk storage bag, and a 50-count milk storage bag, since December. At Target, another major US retail chain, Momcozy added its S9 Pro and S12 pro to the online catalog in October.

About Momcozy

Momcozy prioritizes comfort when developing its breast pumps as well as its extensive lineups of maternity and baby care products. The award-winning brand is growing in reach and impact to improve the lives of mothers around the world, and has become a companion to over 3 million women across 40 countries from pregnancy to early motherhood.

Since 2018, Momcozy has strived to offer the world’s most comfortable products to help new mothers thrive in their lives as mothers and as individuals in pursuit of their dreams. The company’s wearable breast pumps, nursing bras, baby bottles, and diapers have won top awards from globally renowned agencies such as Reddot, Best of the Bump, Mom's Choice, and Best for Mom.

Momcozy has filed over 200 patent applications and over 230 trademark applications, solidifying its dedication to creating proprietary products with a competitive edge.

In implementing its mission to create “cozy designs, born from love,” the brand has prioritized warmth, companionship, professionalism, fashion, and technology in 2024. With its continuous innovation and a commitment to mothers around the world, Momcozy is growing in reach and impact to empower moms.

Mothers across the world can share their stories and connect with other mothers through Momcozy’s Facebook group, the momcozyfansclub.


Momcozy Expands Presence in Top US & UK Retailers

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