JAKALA Emerges as a European Data-Driven Powerhouse

MILAN, Italy, March 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JAKALA, a European data-driven powerhouse, emerges onto the business scene. While its origins lie in Milan, its impact extends beyond national boundaries. Headquartered at the prestigious Palazzo Mellerio, the company, bolstered by FFW’s inclusion in the Group and other strategic acquisitions across Europe, aims to lead globally in the field. Thanks to these integrations, JAKALA not only enhances its offering of digital solutions but also expands its geographical reach, creating a true powerhouse at the European level and initiating its expansion beyond overseas.

JAKALA's international journey is characterized by its increasingly consolidated leadership in data transformation through artificial intelligence. With an advanced approach to analyzing available information, coupled with high-profile human expertise, JAKALA emerges as a reliable partner for its clients. Its ability to interpret diverse data, including those related to geospatial localization, enables the extraction of measurable insights, guiding business decisions and enhancing investment performance.

In a year marked by significant transformation and expansion, JAKALA demonstrated exceptional performance in 2023, achieving double-digit growth that propelled global revenues to €520 million. Geographic diversification has surged, with almost 50% of revenues originating outside Italy.

This new important step up has prompted a new organizational model to address JAKALA’s evolving international presence, with Stefano Pedron as Global CEO, overseeing the different Heads of Regions across the markets where the company currently operates.

The audacious objective is clear: to bring JAKALA into the top 5 global players in its domain: “Our continuous growth is the result of a collective effort across all Regions, reinforcing our shared commitment to fostering collaboration, efficiency, and innovation on a global scale,” declares Pedron.

In confirmation of its ambitious expansion journey, JAKALA has appointed Brian Whipple as a Board Member. He is one of the foremost experts in Marketing, Media & Technology in the United States and former Global CEO of Accenture Song. Whipple said: “JAKALA is a character from my favorite book when I was a boy, Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book’. I decided to join JAKALA to take on the challenge of growing globally. We want to keep the special things that made JAKALA unique so far: how people work together, collaborate, and interact with their managers, like a big family. It's a tough goal to achieve, especially with thousands of people and diverse cultures around the world.”

Following Brian Whipple’s appointment, Glen Hartman, former Head of Accenture NA, joined the team as the Head of JAKALA North America, with the mission of establishing JAKALA in this market as a solid and credible player: “It's fascinating to see how JAKALA analyzes diverse data, bringing them together and enriching them,” explains Hartman. “Our unique methodology seamlessly integrates across all channels, allowing us to create personalized experiences for our clients. As we embark on our journey in North America, the goal is to present JAKALA as a fresh brand, leveraging the opportunities offered by the world's fastest-growing market, even though it has already established a strong presence in Europe.”

As for the European organization, Enrico Bazzi, previously COO and among the key founders of JAKALA, is the Head of JAKALA Italy. “I saw JAKALA come to life with Matteo de Brabant. We began with only four people, and now we've organized ourselves to excel in the digital world,” explains Bazzi. “Our mission is to assist companies in accelerating the adoption of data and artificial intelligence, generating a positive impact on our clients' businesses, as well as on individuals and organizations.”

“What sets JAKALA apart is its people and culture. During my visit to their offices, I was impressed by the multitude of individuals embodying a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Their unwavering commitment to prioritizing the client's needs is truly remarkable,” highlights Michael Koefoed Steensbord Drejer, former co-Founder and CEO of FFW and new Head of JAKALA Germany, UK & Nordics. “Moreover, at FFW, we have always placed significant emphasis on the technological aspect of our operations, and JAKALA's tech offering perfectly complements our own. This presents an exciting opportunity for continuous growth and specialization.”

Luis Ferrándiz, Head of JAKALA Iberia & Latam, remarks: “JAKALA's extraordinary performance in 2023 reflects our strong commitment to the Spanish market and the Iberia Region. Our aim is to achieve a 20% growth rate in the Spanish market by 2024, facilitated by the integration of new business lines centered around Artificial Intelligence and engagement strategies. This milestone marks the beginning of an exciting stage of expansion and consolidation of our presence in Spain, and the strategic leap towards Latin America.”

“Entrepreneurship is part of JAKALA DNA. The company is still led by its founders, who made a wonderful job gathering people with the same mindset,” adds Guillaume Cardon, Head of JAKALA France. “Each day, as decisions are made, every member has the opportunity to contribute to JAKALA's exciting story. What sets JAKALA apart is its ability to offer clients a comprehensive value proposition: from strategic planning to seamless implementation, harnessing the power of AI, and ensuring effective delivery and activation.”

“The story of JAKALA is closely intertwined with its tagline: ‘Together to Get There’, a narrative of collaboration and determination, positioning the company as a trailblazer in the data literacy landscape. ‘Together to Get There’ is the approach of a company that has chosen to partner with its clients and work alongside to achieve their goals on a global scale,” explains Paolo Pedersoli, Head of Global Development.

As a leader in the data and AI-driven realm, JAKALA stands out for its ability to seamlessly amalgamate strategy, technology, creativity, and operations to guide businesses in developing their ventures and delivering impactful projects. In an era where innovation necessitates agile adaptations, JAKALA stands at the vanguard, offering flexible and scalable solutions, thanks to a cohesive ecosystem of hybrid-skilled professionals and unparalleled assets.

“The story of JAKALA is a tale of collaboration, vision, and ambition,” continues Pedersoli. “It unfolds as a narrative of talented people working together, navigating the complexities and uncertainties of an ever-evolving landscape, where the benchmark for customer expectations perpetually ascends. In this context, our motto 'Together to Get There' gains profound significance: we stand prepared to journey alongside our clients towards their unique destination, wherever sustainable and resilient growth awaits.”

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