Trenchers Farmhouse Launches Handcrafted Italian Fresh Pasta Made in Vermont

Michelin-Trained Chefs Roll Out New Product Line
With Unique Specialty Pasta Shapes & Vegan & Gluten Free Pasta, Too

LYNDONVILLE, Vt., March 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trenchers Farmhouse announces the launch of its chef-crafted, authentically Italian, Vermont-made fresh pasta and gluten free pasta lines, now available for shipping across the U.S.

Made at their farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with eggs from their organically fed, heritage breed chickens and local, organic wheat, Trenchers Farmhouse pastas are more flavorful and nutritious than typical supermarket pasta.

These sustainable, restaurant-quality pastas are created by Michelin-trained chefs, Giacomo and Jenny Vascotto — a husband-and-wife team that connected through their desire to create healthier, more delicious fresh pasta, made the authentic Italian way.

Trenchers Farmhouse Chefs

“We are thrilled to bring our artisan pastas to home cooks and welcome everyone to the farm-to-pasta movement,” said Giacomo Vascotto, co-owner and chef at Trenchers Farmhouse, who was raised in Carpi, Italy. “Created in the Italian tradition with local, sustainably grown ingredients, Trenchers Farmhouse pastas make it possible to enjoy memorable meals at home that transport you to Italy.”

Trenchers Farmhouse makes their fresh pastas from a signature blend of flour, with wheat that is organically grown in Vermont and freshly milled to preserve flavor and nutrient value. They offer unique, specialty pasta shapes, such as Bucatini and Gigli, that are not widely available elsewhere, as well as vegan and gluten free options.

Trenchers pastas come in unique, portion-sized “nests,” making it easier to cook only the amount needed for a certain meal, and they can be cooked from frozen.

Pastas are available in the following styles and shapes:

  • Egg Pastas (13.7 oz. boxes): Gigli, Radiatori, Rigatoni, Bucatini, Mafaldine, Pappardelle, and Fettuccine
  • Vegan Pasta (13.7 oz. boxes): Gnocchetti Sardi
  • Gluten Free Pasta (12 oz. boxes): Creste di Gallo, Radiatori, and Linguine

A finalist for the 2024 Good Food Awards, Trenchers Farmhouse pastas are available at Orders are packaged in recycled boxes, using eco-friendly, compostable insulation and ice packs.

About Trenchers Farmhouse
At their beautiful Vermont farm, Trenchers Farmhouse makes chef-crafted, authentically Italian fresh pastas and gluten free pastas. Created by a husband-and-wife team of professional chefs, Giacomo and Jenny Vascotto, Trenchers Farmhouse is on the forefront of the “farm to pasta” movement. Visit Follow @trenchersfarmhousevt on Instagram and Facebook.


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