Parker University Alumni Dr. Fred Casper Recognized as a Chiropractor for the Texas Rangers’ World Series Champions

Dallas, Texas, March 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This past summer, you may have spotted Fred Casper, DC, a 1999 graduate of Parker University, all over social media in photos and videos holding up the Texas Rangers’ World Series trophy! Not only has this prestigious chiropractor to athletic superstars been the Texas Rangers’ team chiropractor for three seasons, but he has also been the renowned team chiropractor for the Dallas Cowboys for 18 seasons!

Being a Chiropractor to a Worlds Series Championship Team
One of Dr. Casper’s patients was a former Dallas Cowboys player who experienced tremendous success with chiropractic care. After bragging about how great chiropractic care made the former player feel, the team wanted to meet Dr. Casper! “That is how I got my foot in the door!” Dr. Casper says. 

Dr. Casper also knew the head athletic trainer of the Texas Rangers. The position as the team’s chiropractor opened, and Dr. Casper was asked if he would be interested! “After I told him ‘yes,’ I thought there would be no way I could work for two teams and have a practice simultaneously. However, the Texas Rangers are good about allowing me to work around the Dallas Cowboys’ and my chiropractic practice’s schedules,” Dr. Casper explains.

Dr. Casper feels blessed to be part of so many once in a lifetime sports experiences. “I help the Texas Rangers as much as they need during their home stands. During the playoffs, it was very tough around the office, but I was able to travel with the team during home and away games. When the World Series win happened, I was in many places, the dugout, out on the field, and even up on the stage during the trophy presentation. One of the highlights was participating in the champagne celebration in the locker room!” he says.

A Successful Career After Parker University
What are Dr. Casper’s fondest memories of his time at Parker University? “The academics, the ability to learn to run a business, the people that you meet, the associations … I used to be in the Army, and they say the stress while people are together brings them closer. The friendships that you make are still friends forever. I absolutely loved Parker University,” Dr. Casper shares. “I was blessed to be a part of Parker University while Dr. Jim was still alive. I also happened to be the president of my class. Getting to know Dr. Jim and glean information from him was just awesome.”

Dr. Casper advises current and future chiropractors to “try to participate in every continuing education opportunity and learn everything you can at Parker University. Attend every Parker Seminar. Do everything! Study hard and do whatever you need to learn the material, but also do other things outside of that. Take advantage of everything that Parker University has on campus. Be as well-rounded as you can. Get as many tools in your box as you can. Stay on top of your skills, keep growing, and learn as much as possible!”

Parker University is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of its alumni. Thank you, Dr. Casper, for all you contribute through your chiropractic work! It’s game time! 

About Parker University 
Parker University, the fourth-fastest growing college in Texas and the fastest-growing college in Dallas, was founded in 1982 by Dr. James William Parker (formerly Parker College of Chiropractic). Today, Parker University has more than 2,100 students and more than 35 academic programs, including its famed chiropractic program, as well as master’s degrees in clinical neuroscience, strength and human performance, and functional nutrition. Currently, Parker University’s chiropractic cohort is the second largest of any campus in the world. Parker University has been recognized as an Honor Roll Institution by Great Colleges to Work For®, one of the 25 Fastest-Growing Colleges in the U.S., as a recipient of the FutureEdge 50 Awards, and as a Best Texas Online College by Forbes.


Parker University Alumni Dr. Fred Casper Recognized as a Chiropractor for the Texas Rangers’ World Series Champions

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