What Does it Take to Lead in 2024? New Research from AIIR® Consulting Identifies Critical Skills for Business Needs

Survey Results in “Ascending in Uncertainty: Leadership Skills for a Changing World” Spotlight Key Themes and Opportunities for Leaders

PHILADELPHIA, March 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AIIR® Consulting, a tech-enabled global leadership development firm, today announced the availability of its latest research, “Ascending in Uncertainty: Leadership Skills for a Changing World.” As the pace of global change continues to accelerate, the findings identify both the challenges organizations expect to face this year and the critical leadership skills needed to navigate 2024 and beyond.

To create the report, AIIR surveyed two groups: HR leaders and more than 200 coaches in the AIIR Global Coaching Alliance. Participants were asked to complete a series of open-ended questions, which were then analyzed to determine the most prevalent topics. This was followed by a version of the AIIR Analytics Leadership Genome™, in which participants were asked to order which of the 45 skills in the AIIR Leadership Framework would be most important in the context of the challenges leaders are likely to encounter.

With the increasingly fluid nature of today’s world at the forefront of the initial survey results, the research uncovered five primary themes impacting organizations: AI and technological innovation; workforce dynamics; economic and geopolitical uncertainties; leading through change; and employee wellbeing and mental health. Given the broad scope of these influencing factors, the second part of the research found several skills that ranked higher than the rest, with three that stood out as most important to master: resilience, navigating change, and self-awareness.

“Having conducted this research for seven years, we know firsthand that while we cannot always predict the exact challenges leaders will face, we can benefit from the insights of those who work intimately with leaders on the ground,” said AIIR Consulting Founder and CEO Jonathan Kirschner, Ph.D. “With the world around us seeming to change every day, the only thing certain in 2024 is continued uncertainty, making it imperative that leaders understand the skills they need to support their organizations on the road ahead.”

Kirschner continued, “Leaders equipped with the right skills will not only be able to navigate the waves of change but also find ways for their organizations to seize on opportunities, both manifest and hidden. Developing and nurturing those skills is paramount to long-term vibrancy and sustainability at this moment.”

For a copy of “Ascending in Uncertainty: Leadership Skills for a Changing World,” please visit https://aiirconsulting.com/resource/leadership-2024-trends-report.

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