NetBox Labs Announces NetBox Enterprise: Enterprise-Grade, Fully Supported Self-Managed NetBox Offering

NetBox Enterprise Customers to Benefit from Advanced Features, 24/7 Support, and NetBox Assistance from the Commercial Stewards of Open Source NetBox

NEW YORK, March 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NetBox Labs, the commercial steward of the leading network source of truth, NetBox, today announces the availability of NetBox Enterprise, a fully supported edition of NetBox for self-managed environments. The offering includes additional features for enterprise use cases, along with best practices and operational assistance from the NetBox experts at NetBox Labs.

Together with NetBox Cloud, NetBox Enterprise further widens the NetBox Labs portfolio, providing a critical option for organizations in regulated industries or with complex environments where NetBox must be deployed within the enterprise environment.

“Today’s announcement is huge news for NetBox Labs and the NetBox community,” said Kris Beevers, CEO, NetBox Labs. “NetBox Cloud has been a massive success, and we expect most NetBox Labs customers to continue to adopt NetBox Cloud to eliminate operational barriers, achieve reliability and scalability for their network management and automation architectures, and take advantage of powerful enterprise-grade features. At the same time, we’ve seen tremendous demand for support, assistance, and access to advanced features from companies that are heavily invested in NetBox in their environments, and need more time to transition to NetBox Cloud, or are constrained by regulatory or compliance requirements to operate NetBox on their own. NetBox Enterprise addresses the needs of these customers today.”

With NetBox Enterprise, customers can:

  • Receive 24/7 expert support for their self-managed NetBox deployments: Networking teams can enjoy peace of mind knowing they meet policy compliance requirements and have access to the expertise of the world’s most experienced NetBox experts
  • Gain access to supported enterprise-grade advanced features: Workflow and data integrations with ServiceNow, along with network discovery and assurance integrations with Forward Networks, IP Fabric, and Slurp’it, are available now, with an aggressive array of operational, security, and data management features slated for delivery to NetBox Enterprise customers in 2024
  • Maximize their NetBox investment: Leverage expert assistance from NetBox Labs, including best practices for configuring and using NetBox’s comprehensive and cohesive network data model to suit their unique environment, and assistance in planning and executing NetBox upgrades
  • Upskill their networking teams while boosting productivity: Couple support and features with access to live, hands-on NetBox trainings to ensure teams are equipped to utilize all the benefits of NetBox

Ensuring success with NetBox in the most critical environments

With tens of thousands of installations, NetBox is widely deployed in enterprise footprints, trusted by IT, networking, and datacenter teams in industries such as financial services, retail and hospitality, industrial, manufacturing, energy, and government. NetBox has become critical infrastructure, the linchpin of modern network management and automation architectures. NetBox Enterprise provides these teams with an important safety net, ensuring always-on access to support and assistance from NetBox Labs experts. NetBox Enterprise also includes advanced features - like ServiceNow workflow and data integrations available today - that enhance the value of NetBox in enterprise environments.

About NetBox Labs
NetBox Labs makes it easier to build and manage complex networks. We help teams accelerate network automation by delivering open, composable products and supporting the network automation community.

NetBox Labs is the commercial steward of open source NetBox, the world’s most popular network source of truth, and Orb, the next-generation open source network observability platform. Our products include NetBox Enterprise, a fully supported self-managed NetBox with advanced features, and NetBox Cloud, a secure, scalable, and reliable SaaS edition of NetBox.

NetBox powers thousands of companies, and NetBox Labs is backed by investment from GGV Capital, Grafana Labs CEO Raj Dutt, Flybridge, IBM, Salesforce Ventures, and Mango Capital.


Q: How can I try NetBox Enterprise?
A: Visit the NetBox Labs site and contact us to request a demo and get access to NetBox Enterprise

Q: Is NetBox Enterprise compatible with open source NetBox?
A: Yes, NetBox Enterprise builds on open source NetBox, with support, expert assistance, training, and additional integrations and features suitable for enterprise use cases

Q: My team is using an older version of NetBox - will it be supported?
A: We offer assistance to NetBox Enterprise customers with a catchup version migration to get your environment access to the latest features and fixes while managing dependences

Q: Does this mean NetBox Labs will shift focus away from open source NetBox, or change the NetBox license?
A: No. NetBox Labs is 100% committed to the success of open source NetBox and will continue to invest aggressively in the open source project and community. You can read more about our open source principles and how NetBox Enterprise furthers our strategy of creating a virtuous circle of revenue and reinvestment in the open source community.

Contact info: Kiley Nichols, head of marketing,