Parallels Adds Remote Browser Isolation Solution to its Holistic Workspace Portfolio, Enabling Secure SaaS, and Web Application Access

Operational in less than 10 minutes, Parallels Browser Isolation enforces Zero Trust approach to defend against browser-based security threats of SaaS applications

OTTAWA, March 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Parallels, a global leader in cross-platform solutions, today launched its Parallels Browser Isolation, a secure web access service designed to prevent the growing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches within an organization. Integrated with Parallels’ cloud, desktop and legacy workspace solutions, the Browser Isolation adds to an efficient holistic approach to accessing desktops, applications, and data across any platform, device, or location.

Parallels developed Browser Isolation in response to businesses’ concerns about protecting the organizational attack surfaces. In fact, 41% of organizations experienced security breaches in the past year. Cyber incidents are on the rise due to the increased adoption of SaaS services, remote work, and internal web applications. Despite investments in cyber incident management, there's a lack of effective solutions to proactively prevent these attacks in a Cloud-first remote working world.

"Parallels has been at the forefront of delivering secure remote access to legacy apps and desktops with Parallels RAS and Parallels Secure Workspace. Earlier this year, we launched Parallels DaaS to meet the cloud needs of our partners and customers. And now with Parallels Browser Isolation, we are also ensuring access to SaaS and web apps, a natural extension of the Parallels ecosystem," said Prashant Ketkar, CTO at Parallels. "Cybersecurity concerns affect 80% of our customers. Now, we’ve got them covered with our holistic platform of secure workspace solutions."

In a market with predominantly single vendors, IT teams have the advantage of one Parallels unified workspace portfolio that can provide distributed teams with secure access to legacy, desktop, cloud, SaaS, and web apps.

Built in the cloud with the Zero Trust principles, Parallels Browser Isolation offers granular policy control, enabling regulated industries to meet stringent compliance requirements. It’s easy to set up, in just 10 minutes, providing easy management in a user-friendly web portal, and quick time to value. IT teams can efficiently plan their budgets with Parallels’ predictable and transparent pricing structure.

"Browser isolation is gaining the attention and investment it rightfully deserves in the market. Strategically, Zero Trust dictates that we don't trust the internet, and our users’ interactions with malicious content,” said Dr. Chase Cunningham, DrZeroTrust. “Launching Parallels Browser Isolation aligns with this requirement and can assist businesses in enabling this critical strategy, all without compromising the user experience."

Updates to the Parallels Partner Program

Parallels Browser Isolation is now part of the Parallels partner program, featuring three tiers (Silver, Gold and Platinum) with increasing benefits. Through the partner portal, channel partners gain access to a range of benefits including deal registration rewards, sales and technical resources, marketing collateral and marketing development funds (MDF), and much more. For further details, visit

Key Features

Parallels Browser Isolation introduces many unique capabilities and benefits:

  • Highly secure: Secure streaming from an isolated browser container.
  • Fast setup in less than 10 minutes, with no learning curve.
  • Predictable pricing: Straightforward cost forecasts, offering clear cost expectations.
  • Endpoint protection: Isolates web browser from the endpoints, safeguarding them against malware and threats.
  • Agentless and browser-based: Suitable for all devices and browsers of choice, managed or unmanaged.
  • Easy to administer granular policy engine: Content filtering by geography or category, customization of access policies for clipboard, printing, and file transfers.
  • Real-time and historical insights on actions and activities of users and administrators

Visit for more information about all features and to request a 7-day free trial or contact us for a subscription.

Watch a video about the highlights in Parallels Browser Isolation by clicking here.

Availability and pricing

Parallels Browser Isolation is now available with annual subscriptions and monthly billing plans. The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for a 1-year commitment is 19 USD per month, paid annually. Additionally, available with special discounts when purchasing as a bundle with Parallels RAS, Parallels Secure Workspace and Parallels DaaS.

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