EV Realty lauds Biden-Harris Administration’s vision for accelerating sustainable and scalable deployment of Zero Emission Vehicle freight hubs

SAN FRANCISCO, March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EV Realty, Inc. (“EV Realty”), an EV infrastructure development platform powering commercial fleets, today announced its support for the Biden-Harris Administration’s leadership and vision in its National Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy. EV Realty is developing a network of Powered Properties™, high-powered charging hubs for medium and heavy-duty commercial fleet electric vehicles, across California and other strategic U.S. logistics markets, most of which are in Phase 1 priority locations as identified by the Administration’s plan.

“Despite making up just 5% of vehicles on the road, medium and heavy-duty trucks produce almost 25% of transportation emissions in the U.S., and so much of that is concentrated in a dozen or so major freight and logistics hubs across the country,” said Patrick Sullivan, CEO of EV Realty. “The National Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy is thoughtful in its approach to sequence MHD ZEV charging infrastructure priorities with a near-term focus on hubs that align with local and regional, return to home base trucks that will electrify first.”

“The Administration’s plan lays out a clear roadmap that can help state agencies and utilities streamline planning and direct resources to the appropriate areas and use cases with confidence.”

“EV Realty has a robust pipeline of grid-ready charging hub projects and is committed to execute on the hard work of putting steel in the ground and delivering on the nation’s vision of a scalable and reliable ZEV freight future.”

About EV Realty
EV Realty develops, deploys, and owns charging infrastructure critical to electrifying commercial fleets in the U.S at scale. The company accelerates the adoption of large EV fleets by focusing on the fundamental constraint all electric fleets face: low-cost, reliable, and expandable access to grid-scale power. EV Realty is developing a network of grid-optimized, large-scale EV charging hubs for delivery, logistics, and services fleet customers. Our Powered Properties™ serve multiple commercial fleets in secure, high-power locations with guaranteed charging access and availability, and are located proximate to major logistics corridors within last-mile delivery/duty range of urban population centers. By aggregating multiple fleets with shared private infrastructure in grid-ready locations, EV Realty charging hubs reduce upfront and recurring costs for fleets, optimize charging times and provide high utilization rates. Learn more about EV Realty and how it is transforming fleet charging at www.evrealtyus.com.

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