Stratos Jets Launches World's First Private Air Charter Franchising Program

Franchising Program Provides Industry-Leading Blueprint for Procedures, Safety, Technology and Client Advocacy

Orlando, Fla., March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Stratos Jets, a leading on-demand private jet charter brokerage and franchisor, has unveiled the private air charter industry’s first franchising program. The private air charter franchise is set to revolutionize the $15 billion industry by bringing the gold star standard in procedures, safety, technology, and customer experience to the masses.

Qualified agents, brokers, and brokerages now have the opportunity to join an established organization with the full resources and support of a large, national air charter brokerage. This opportunity eliminates barriers to entry for experienced agents, brokers, and entrepreneurs who want to own their own jet charter business in private aviation. Franchising with Stratos Jets drastically reduces start-up and operations costs and provides access to capital and backend support, allowing them to focus on their clients and scaling their franchise.

Franchisees are afforded a number of benefits designed to strengthen their business and the trade.

  • Knowledge: Comprehensive industry training, operational insights, and information sharing amongst the greater franchise network.  Knowledge sharing fosters collaboration, enhances problem-solving capabilities, and accelerates the learning and growth of Stratos Jets franchisees. 
  • Support: Stratos Jets' shared services model provides franchisees with all backend coordination and accounting services. This allows Stratos Jets franchisees to scale their business without the need to hire, train, and manage staff. Thereby enabling Stratos Jets franchisees to focus solely on customer relationship development and booking trips.
  • Technology: To standardize processes that result in a consistent customer experience, Stratos Jets franchisees are provided access to Stratos Jets' proprietary Flight Management System (Stratos FMS). This native Salesforce technology platform provides the franchisee with an end-to-end suite of services, e.g. aircraft sourcing, quoting, trip management, etc.  It also provides Stratos Jets franchisee clients with access to all of their current flight and past travel data through a secure client portal.
  • Standards: Stratos Jets franchisees adopt Stratos standards for safety and professionalism. Namely, adherence to its rigorous vetting of aircraft operators and verified safety protocols including those outlined by the ARGUS Certified Charter Broker program.

"The franchising program Stratos Jets offers provides the organizational structure and operational excellence for agents, brokers, and brokerages of all sizes,” said Joel Thomas, President of Stratos Jets. “Through our franchising model, we’re spearheading a critical consolidation that will result in a better customer and air carrier experience through streamlined coordination processes, greater information sharing, and a higher safety standard.”

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About Stratos Jets:
Stratos Jets is an industry-leading private jet charter brokerage and franchisor focused on continuously raising the bar for professionalism in the private aviation industry. Underpinned by its sophisticated on-demand Stratos flight management system, it builds long-term client relationships by creating a best-in-class customer experience. Since 2007 it has led the industry with its focus on delivering value through its rigorous safety program, network of verified partners, convenient and personalized booking, and honest, transparent advice. Stratos Jets is headquartered in Orlando, Fla. For more information visit  


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