3D Content Platform ‘Atomontage®’ Announces Game Dev Tools Coming in 2024

Private Demo Meetings Are Available During GDC 2024

WILMINGTON, Del., March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Deep tech startup Atomontage Inc. is thrilled to announce that the first game development features will finally be coming to their Virtual Matter™ platform in 2024. An early look in the form of a gamedev demo will be available to press this month during GDC 2024.

The new game dev features coming to Atomontage this year include a Lua scripting environment, microvoxel terrain deformation and digging, FPS-style ground traversal across multiple environments, shooting and weapon mechanics, and simultaneous multiplayer creation across PC, mobile, and VR / XR headsets. A gamedev demo of these features will be available in private meetings during GDC 2024, or available via a remote session with the Atomontage team.

Watch the Atomontage GDC Gamedev Demo Teaser:
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Atomontage Inc.’s proprietary Virtual Matter™ streaming microvoxel technology allows for the creation of deeply interactive social 3D experiences of high fidelity instantly streamed to almost any device. This breakthrough approach to real-time simulation and graphics has already been proven across many different use cases, including cultural heritage photogrammetry, cutting-edge bioimaging research, archaeology, paleontology, site planning for construction — and soon, full video game development.

Atomontage® Game Development Demo Features at GDC 2024:

  • First-Person Terrain Traversal: One of the fundamental building blocks of any first-person game, Atomontage now supports controlling a character across detailed Virtual Matter terrains with widely different looks and feels, complete with a trail of permanent footprints left behind wherever you go.

  • Microvoxel Deformation: A core feature of Atomontage’s microvoxel technology, players will be able to dynamically change terrain and objects with the click of a button. Digging and explosions can now completely change a landscape, object, or avatar. In fact, the health of the players is directly tied to how much matter they’ve lost from physical damage!

  • Weapon Mechanics: Early weapon and gunplay mechanics allow for dynamic object and terrain interaction, leaving behind a hole or impact mark for every projectile the player fires - again, dealing physical damage to other players, vehicles, and barricades.

  • Simultaneous Users Across Desktop, Mobile & VR / XR: Dedicated native applications for viewing and editing the Virtual Matter™ worlds, or Montages for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and even VR / XR on the Meta Quest 2 & 3, and any modern web browser.

In December, Atomontage announced the 2024 Edition of its groundbreaking Virtual Matter™ streaming platform after more than 20 years of R&D. With it, anyone can easily build their own detailed 3D world by uploading many 3D models or generating 3D assets from any single image.

Atomontage® 2024 Edition brings exciting new features, including integrated image-to-3D asset generation, a self-serve backend for uploading and voxelizing 3D content, new tools for collaborative editing in real-time with dozens of users, and free, native clients for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Meta Quest. Atomontage® 2024 Edition also includes widespread performance enhancements, improved multi-user streaming, and the ability to embed these shared 3D playgrounds called Montages into a web page.

Watch the Atomontage® 2024 Edition Launch Trailer Here:
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As seen in popular video games such as Minecraft and Tuxedo Labs’ simulation game Teardown, voxels allow for deep player interactivity and simulation, with worlds and objects constructed by blocks, or “volume pixels” — aka voxels. Atomontage®’s microvoxel technology, Virtual Matter™, offers the same kind of deep interactivity but at an extremely fine granularity while also being far less demanding on hardware compute power than 3D polygons. Atomontage®’s Virtual Matter™ microvoxel data is also faster to load and easily streamable via the cloud to multiple different devices, allowing users on desktop, mobile, or VR to seamlessly access and interact with the same high-fidelity 3D worlds at the same time.

The initial release of Atomontage® 2024 Edition is available directly from the Atomontage website as free public Montages, with various pricing options available and a free 14-day trial to own your own non-game Montage. Soon, gamedev Montages will be free to use as well, with a revenue share model once they become directly monetized by their Makers. Users can expect periodic updates adding new features and expanded capabilities starting in the following months.

Join the Montage Maker community on Discord, and stay up to date with Atomontage® by followingtheir Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and YouTube. Learn more about the product at https://www.atomontage.com.

A full press kit with all info and images is available here: https://uberstrategist.link/Atomontage-Gamedev-Press-Kit.

About Atomontage Inc.

Atomontage Inc. is the creator of a breakthrough microvoxel technology that has been in R&D for more than 20 years and launched an early minimal viable product for visualization into open beta in 2021. Once fully built out, its volumetric platform will streamline the capture, creation, editing, distribution, and consumption of all forms of interactive 3D computer simulation and graphics – including commercially viable games. The company is comprised of software engineering, games development, and visual computing veterans. For more information, go to www.atomontage.com.


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