BTCC Exchange Unveils Reward-Growing Campaign for the Upcoming Bitcoin Halving

VILNIUS, Lithuania, March 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the crypto community eagerly anticipates the imminent Bitcoin halving event, BTCC Exchange, a global cryptocurrency trading pioneer, is launching a captivating campaign to celebrate this significant milestone in cryptocurrency.

The Bitcoin halving, occurring every four years, halves mining rewards and reduces Bitcoin supply, emphasizing its scarcity and value impact.

As the upcoming halving will be the fourth one observed by BTCC since its establishment in 2011, the exchange is now inviting its users to participate in a reward-growing campaign, underscoring the exchange's commitment to enriching their users’ crypto trading experience.

Rewards Grow as Bitcoin Block Height Increases

What’s unique about the campaign is that participants can see their rewards grow as Bitcoin reaches new block height milestones. The excitement builds up to a peak growth rate of 50% when Bitcoin hits the 840,000 block height mark. This approach not only makes the campaign more thrilling, but also ties users' rewards directly to the progress of the halving.

Participants can earn substantial voucher rewards by engaging in activities like depositing, trading futures, daily check-ins, and inviting friends to BTCC.

In addition, participants can complete quizzes, which will be unlocked each time the Bitcoin block height reaches a milestone.

As the exchange is going to witness its fourth Bitcoin halving, Alex, the Head of Operations at the exchange, believes that this campaign is more than just a celebration. “BTCC Exchange is excited to roll out this campaign to celebrate the Bitcoin halving. We're not only inviting our users to witness this momentous event, but to engage actively with it,” he expressed.

“Through our special reward system, we aim to enhance our users' understanding of the halving while offering them exciting opportunities to win. We believe this event marks a significant milestone in the crypto world, and we're proud to be a part of it,” he added.

This campaign highlights BTCC's dedication to offering a trading platform that enhances users’ understanding of the crypto ecosystem.

About BTCC Exchange

BTCC is a leading global cryptocurrency exchange known for its long-standing reputation and security. With a commitment to providing users with a safe and dynamic trading environment, BTCC continues to push the boundaries of the crypto trading experience for its users.