RisingWave Continues Customer Growth and Product Innovation with “Stream Processing for All” Release

Company Furthers Democratization of Streaming Analytics with New Offerings, Makes Announcement at Kafka Summit London 2024

San Francisco, March 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RisingWave Labs, the creator of RisingWave, the sole distributed SQL stream processing database, has announced substantial enhancements designed for both developers and businesses. RisingWave has unveiled two primary offerings for developers. Firstly, the company introduced the Forever-Free Developer Tier, which empowers developers to unlock the full potential of stream processing, enabling them to innovate and build real-time applications without any financial constraints. This new tier comes a year after the beta release of RisingWave Cloud, the only distributed SQL streaming database-as-a-service. For developers looking to set up a local single-node instance, RisingWave introduced the Standalone deployment mode, bringing open-source scalable streaming database and analytics to all. This deployment mode eliminates the need to configure RisingWave, allowing users to get started with just a single command.

The company recently made a significant announcement regarding the General Availability of their innovative BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) service. This unique offering is a hybrid model that perfectly combines the benefits of cloud hosting and professional management. In this model, while the customer's data is hosted on their own cloud, the entire service is expertly managed by RisingWave. It's a solution designed with the utmost flexibility in mind, catering specifically to businesses that have strict data residency and ownership requirements. This innovative approach is quickly becoming the preferred option for businesses, as it provides them with control over their data while also benefiting from the professional management and expertise of RisingWave.

Speaking on these exciting developments, Yingjun Wu, CEO of RisingWave, expressed the company's vision: "Our commitment to democratizing stream processing aims to simplify access to stream processing technology, reducing costs and barriers for users. Having successfully partnered with numerous enterprises, we're now broadening our reach to the wider developer community. We seek to comprehend their unique challenges and equip them with the stream processing tools needed to enhance productivity and accelerate the development of real-time applications."

After successfully launching its enterprise-level cloud service in July 2023, the company has experienced robust growth, attracting data-driven customers who use RisingWave to pioneer innovative applications. Kaito, an AI-fueled search engine tailored for the Web3 space, selected RisingWave for various applications, including an operational dashboard for analyzing user behavior. Kaito's objective is to convert terabytes of unstructured data into practical insights for crypto investors, researchers, developers, and the wider public.

"After exhaustive evaluation of stream processing technologies, our data engineers decided that RisingWave’s Postgres-compatible SQL enabled us to create all our data pipelines processing multiple terabytes of data using 1379 materialized views. This greatly reduced the time to market which is critical to fast-growing companies like us." Said Yu Hu, CEO of Kaito "With RisingWave’s incremental computation engine, we are able to deliver analytic insights to users within sub-second latency."

These announcements coincide with companies, ranging from emerging startups to global Fortune 1000 businesses, continually developing future-oriented applications with RisingWave. Over the past year, hundreds of companies across various sectors like fintech, energy, manufacturing, and the internet have deployed RisingWave clusters. They did this to leverage the power of stream processing in application building. A significant factor contributing to this growth is the company's focus on the developer community. RisingWave's open-source version has garnered significant attention within the developer community, amassing over 6,000 GitHub stars, and establishing itself as a leading stream processing system.

RisingWave's mission is to enhance the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of stream processing. It caters to various applications such as real-time monitoring, alerting, ETL, and dashboarding. The new developer tier is groundbreaking. It provides individual developers and small businesses an opportunity to utilize the power of stream processing services with a minimal financial commitment.

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RisingWave is a pioneering open-source SQL streaming database designed for the simple, efficient, and reliable processing of streaming data. It features a PostgreSQL-compatible interface, enabling easy development of real-time stream processing applications. By decoupling storage and compute, RisingWave guarantees dynamic scaling, immediate failure recovery, and effective large-state computation support. Its generous free tier allows developers to kickstart projects and scale effortlessly. Discover more at risingwave.com.


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